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Meet the People Behind My Internship

There is an old adage that says, "You can't choose your family." In the case of my internship site, Same Day Process (SDP), that saying could be expanded to, "You can't choose your family, which includes your co-workers."


Since SDP is a family business, many of our staff members are actually related to one another. I always thought working with my little brother for a summer had me seeing my family a lot, so working full-time with family members is a true sign of familial love. The interesting part is that even the SDP staff members who aren't related to each other sometimes ACT like they are siblings. I may only be an intern, doing simple process serving and court research projects, but I've already seen how working with family affects the whole office atmosphere (in a positive way).


All in the Family


From right to left: Tony, Brandon, Dorinda

Tony, Brandon and Dorinda


Same Day Process was established in 2005 by the gentlemen of the Snesko family, Tony (CEO of the company) and Brandon (president of the company), who were later joined by Brandon's sister, Dorinda. I work with all three of these wonderful individuals on a daily basis, and I've taken away some very interesting pieces of information from them. It's quite easy to see how these three are family.

Tony is a man who has taught me what it means to be "absolutely, totally, and wonderfully blessed," a quote that Tony has associated with himself. I often joke with Tony that one day I would love to just sit in a boat on a lake for a day and listen to him talk. I've already heard so many eccentric and electrifying stories, from how he started going by "Tony" to why he always wears black shirts (because they make it harder for people to see him when he does stakeouts). I am also convinced that Tony is my dad's long lost twin. They are the same age, they hold the same values, they even dress the same. There is no question, in my opinion, that there is some Siegert blood running through Tony's veins.

Brandon and Dorinda are brother and sister, and boy do I love it when they act like it. Occasionally, Brandon will crack a sarcastic comment that might make everyone in the office snicker, and Dorinda responds with the most stereotypical older sister response, a massive roll of the eyes. While they sometimes have their sibling rivalries, Dorinda says "we are a team" when speaking about herself and Brandon.


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern


From right to left: Mike, Tyler


Shakespeare's infamous dynamic duo, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, are reincarnated in a much more positive light through my site supervisor, Tyler Walker, and another administrator at SDP, Mike Molash. I respect these two and hold all of their advice and instructions with very high regard...but sometimes it's so easy to see what the immature side of my personality looks like in adult form.


So often I hear these two gentlemen making jokes to each other. They may not be related, but they sure seem like a pair of brothers. These two sarcastic supervisors are still two of the hardest working people in the office. Whenever they aren't shooting banter at each other (and occasionally me), they are on their computers and phones, organizing serves and genuinely keeping the company's clients happy.

Interning at Same Day Process may not sound have the same ring as interning at the "office of Senator Politician from Name-a-State," but my experience at SDP to this point has surpassed my wildest expectations for this internship. I've had the opportunity to try different things, perform tasks that matter to the success of the company and make connections in the field who could help me in the future.


Working in a casual atmosphere surrounded by people who treat each other like family (whether they are related or not) is something that I value highly in a line of work. Too often people seem to get caught up in the work and not take time to enjoy life and poke fun at it sometimes. So, live a little, make fun of yourself, tell your interns to get coffee for you, and then you both can laugh at how stereotypically cruel that would be.

Stay Classy Washington,


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