Four D.C. Sports Teams to Check Out

Four D.C. Sports Teams to Check Out

If you want to find yourself in a position where you have possession of the puck in the bottom of the ninth as you pull up to the three-point line to score the equalizing goal, then Washington D.C. is your place for sports.


I was extremely excited to see all the sporting events that I would be able to go to in Washington, D.C. during the spring. I also learned the different priorities that Washingtonians have among their sports teams in comparison to what other cities around the country might have.


1. Batter Up! The Washington Nationals



During my semester in the nation's capital, I knew at least one sporting event I had to attend was a ballgame at Nationals Park. Going to watch the Nationals, more commonly referred to as the Nats, is a great chance for you to have fun with some buds, brews, and brats. Is there really a better way to spend a nice evening that, if we're being honest, would otherwise be filled with Netflix and possible thoughts of "Who is going to be on Hannah Baker's next tape?"

Going to the Nats game is also a surprisingly affordable affair. I was lucky enough to get my tickets for free, but I looked up prices for some tickets that were going for as cheap as $15. Were those tickets also up as high as the stadium allows? Almost guarantee it. But what I can for sure guarantee is that baseball has a solid presence in the nation's capital. Coming from Cincinnati, Opening Day for the Reds is literally a holiday that most offices shut down for. While no other baseball team will ever be able to match the Opening Day chaos of the Cincinnati Reds, I will say that baseball has a solid presence in the nation's capital.



2. Go, Caps, Go! The Washington Capitals

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Let me describe hockey as I see it: you're inside a building that has the highest A/C bill in the city, there's a flat piece of rubber on a frozen pond being slapped by a bunch of sticks, and every so often some guy rides some machine.


Now let me describe hockey as Washingtonians see it: nothing frozen, not even ice cream, is better than watching the Capitals (a.k.a. the Caps). There is no NHL (National Hockey League) team where I'm from, which is why I had never gotten into hockey. I quickly learned that I needed to get into hockey when I got to D.C.


The citizens of the District absolutely love their hockey team, and for good reason. Their team is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, a race for one of the most coveted trophies in sports. I was unable to go to a Caps game this semester, something that I now regret after seeing the impact this team has on the city. I only wish I could have let them make a bit more of an impact on my own experience. Be warned however, that high demand comes at a cost for those tickets.


3. Kings of the Court: The Washington Wizards



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I am not a fan of basketball, that's just a fact. The only exception to that rule will be college basketball during the crazy month of March. So, I hope you can use that information to deduce why I didn't exactly hop on the idea of going to a Washington Wizards game.

However, walking past their home arena, the Verizon Center, after one of their game lets out and seeing the huge number of fans pouring out of those doors does signal to me that the Wizards have a strong showing of support among their fans. Plus, they offer some sweet deals for students. Just this past week, the Wizards were offering students a ticket to a game, along with a free Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich meal, all for just $15. I almost bought one for the Chick-fil-a meal...until I realized it'd be cheaper to just go to Chick-fil-a. Score one for marketing, almost got me.

4. A Different Kind of Football: D.C. United


Walking up to RFK Stadium

The other sporting event I actually went to this past semester was a soccer match between D.C. United and my hometown club: the Columbus Crew. Probably the most interesting part about the game was the actual stadium that the teams were competing in.


RFK Stadium has been home to numerous sports teams since 1961. The Redskins, the Nationals, and since 1996, D.C. United have all called the stadium home for a period of time. However, if you come next year hoping to catch a game in this dinosaur of an arena, you're out of luck. The stadium is in its final season of sporting events, as D.C. United will be moving to a newer stadium at the conclusion of this season.


However, just because RFK Stadium won't be the venue, I still highly recommend attending a fútbol match for D.C. United. They are a team that has a solid history with the MLS (Major League Soccer). Tickets were reasonably priced, but if you're a big soccer fan, they are definitely worth the experience.

You might very easily be saying right now, "Well, so what? I don't like sports." I can totally get that. I don't like broccoli or the unicorn frap from Starbucks, but I will say that I'm glad I tried both. So, that's what I'll encourage you to do.


Try out one of these places if you're coming to D.C., especially if you're coming for the spring. You don't even have to watch the game; I felt like the experience of being in a stadium with other fans is what made those events so much fun for me anyway. Just go into this experience like I advise you to go into all your other D.C. adventures: with an open mind.

Stay Classy Washington,


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