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Skills I'll Take From TWC to Grad School

I spent the past weekend in New York, just a few hours by bus from D.C. (and a pretty cheap trip at that).


After months of applications, interviews, waiting and finally deciding, I'm thrilled that I'll be attending New York University's doctoral French program in the fall. I'm excited to have this opportunity to further expand my skills and to continue making the most of the many opportunities afforded me, as I've tried to at The Washington Center.



Looking forward, however, has forced me to reflect on the things I've learned as a communications intern at NLGJA - The Association of LGBTQ Journalists. In particular, I've thought a lot about the ways I can apply my new knowledge and skills to my graduate school experience and the future.


At NLGA, we are often working on a number of projects at any given time. This means setting priorities while still keeping track of tasks that are lower priority. In graduate school, I'll likewise be working on several things at once—balancing papers, presentations and my work as a writer outside of class.


A second thing I've learned and hope to incorporate is applying marketing and communication strategies to a wide variety of situations. Thinking not only about what to say, but about the audience I'm trying to connect with, the most efficient and pleasant means of doing so, and the desired outcome have become important parts of my internship. Communication strategy, however, is also applicable to many situations including personal social media usage and academic writing. I hope to continue building on these skills in the future.


Apart from the concrete skills I've gained, I also plan to maintain the relationships I've established with professionals in D.C. And living a short bus ride away will certainly help.


Until next week,



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