Places to Beat the Spring Heat

Places to Beat the Spring Heat

As the weather warms up in D.C. (and boy, has it warmed up the past couple of days), more and more people are spending time outdoors on the weekends. The National Mall is packed, and restaurants have set up their outdoor seating for the season.


As a particularly avid walker - and occasional runner - I have been taking advantage of the improved climate, exploring new parts of the city and abandoning the Metro completely on the weekends. In hot weather, I particularly enjoy taking strolls with a good book in a waterfront area. Fortunately for me, the greater D.C. area has several options to choose from. Here are my two favorites:


Navy Yard

If you walk straight south on 3rd Street NE from NoMA (North of Massachusetts Avenue, where The Washington Center is located) for about two miles, you will run into the Yards Park waterfront area. It takes about the same amount of time to get there on the Metro, so I recommend walking.


It's a beautiful and historic part of town, with classic side-by-side homes painted in contrasting blues, reds, creams and greens. The roads are nicely shaded by greenery this time of year, and as you approach the Navy Yard neighborhood, a light breeze blows up from the water.


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Navy Yard is in the same neck of the woods as the Nationals Stadium, and many new bars, restaurants, ice-cream shops and trendy stores have popped up recently. I tried a new coffee shop called Philz, which specializes in non-espresso drinks - an interesting twist on typical coffee shop pretension - and focuses instead on pour-overs. The baristas recommend pairing the dark roast with cold milk, something fundamentally at odds with my city-slicker steamed milk ways, but surprisingly delicious. No doubt the best coffee and milk combo I've had since moving to D.C.


Along the waterfront, there are newly planted trees and kids dancing in sprinklers. It's a perfect first glimpse of summertime.


National Harbor

National Harbor is another great waterfront area, with a large boat dock and Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel is a marvel to see late at night when the electric colors change continuously - it looks almost like a laser light show from inside the cars. From the top, you can just barely make out the Washington Monument. As a quick tip, take an Uber, it'll save you an hour of travel time and a lot of hassle.




Happy almost summertime!


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