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Seeing My First Cherry Blossom Festival

Last week, my friend and I decided to attend the National Cherry Blossom Festival and explore the cherry blossoms on the day of their peak bloom. On this year's peak bloom date, over 70% of blossoms were expected to be in full bloom!

Once we arrived, I was mesmerized by the great variety of flowers that encompassed the West and East Potomac Park. They came in a myriad of different shapes and sizes. I was awestruck by the very prepossessing shades of the flowers - pink and white - and the sweet, earthy aromas they released. Did I mention that some of these flowers even bear fruit?



Just as I was enthralled by the different species of flowers I saw, I was equally enthralled by all of the diverse people hailing from different parts of the world who came to witness this great bloom.

Many of them were posing by the trees or taking pictures with the flowers, while others were fixated on the water of the Tidal Basin. From my peripheral vision, I could see little children clinging to their mom's shawl or scrambling away from their parents when they saw a specific tree that appealed to them. Whatever the objective, it was clear that people were to be happy to be there.

The great benefit of attending an event like this is that it is absolutely free. Sure, it may cost money to enjoy a paddle boat ride by the Tidal Basin or watch a Japanese jazz performance, but you can always scope out free things to do in D.C.

As the flowers stay in bloom over the next couple of weeks, I plan to continue to bask in their ethereal beauty and take advantage of all of the great events that are going on in Washington D.C. centered around the National Cherry Blossom Festival.


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