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Experiencing TWC's Global Festival

Last Friday, I participated in TWC's Spring 2017 Global Festival - and boy was it fun! The event was split into three sections: cultural booths, country presentations and a talent show.


During the first half of the event, students wandered from room to room to visit booths highlighting the music, art and cuisine of different countries. Later, we all came together in the auditorium to view informative presentations with fun facts on the diverse countries represented, and talent presentations where students performed music, poetry or dances from their home countries.


Over nine countries were represented at the festival, including India, Belgium, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Haiti, the Caribbean Community and select countries/regions in Africa. The countries with the best cultural booth, country presentation and talent presentation would each receive a prize.


Global Festival

Me and my friend representing India at Global Festival (Credit: TWC)


My friend and I represented India at the event. The day of, we were nervous about making sure that everything was set up (our procrastination game was on point that Friday). Just hours before the event, we scrambled to the nearest Patel Brothers to get spinach and paneer samosas, barfis, mango lassi and Jalebi.


As soon as we got back, I started compiling pictures together and matching them with their respective captions so spectators would have a PowerPoint visual to look at while eating savory Indian desserts, like my friend's scrumptious rice pudding which she hand-garnished with mixed nuts (below).


Rice Pudding


It was refreshing to know that we were both already quite knowledgeable about India's history for our country presentation. Albeit, my friend was more knowledgeable than me, because she had spent most of her life in India.


Getting on stage and sharing our knowledge was kind of scary. If you are an extroverted introvert like me, then you may know the feeling. When you are on stage, you become so transfixed by the hundreds of eyeballs that are staring right at you, that you almost choke. Then when you realize how nice everyone is and how they are cheering you on, the fear starts to vanish and you feel like the world is truly in your hands.


After I did the country presentation, I was ready to do my talent presentation, a traditional folk dance called bhangra from Punjab, India. I was performing all alone, but the positive vibes that radiated from the crowd enabled me to do the four-minute performance with ease.


Performing a traditional folk dance called bhangra (Credit: TWC)


I was so glad I was able to participate in an event that opened the door for other TWC interns to showcase their diverse cultures. From Puerto Rico's coconut creamy coquito to the Middle East's dabke, there were many things that resonated with me.


After the talent show, prizes were awarded. Mexico won a prize for outstanding cultural booth, Puerto Rico for outstanding talent presentation and Peru for outstanding country presentation.


All of the countries did a superb job coming together and putting in so much effort to make their country stand out. Without them, there would genuinely be no show.





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