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Three Cold Weather Activities for D.C. Interns

A mid-March snowfall in Washington D.C. can sound a bit scary and odd. Usually, winter is gone by now, but last week we had a very hefty snowstorm. For someone who considers 70-degree weather back in Puerto Rico to be a bit chilly, snow is a huge event for me, and I wanted to make the best of it. For those of you who will spend time in D.C. during the winter, here are a few things you should do to make the most of it!


1. Have a Snowball Fight

We had a more than an inch of snow on the ground, so it was ideal for a battle of the winter domination. A few of us TWC interns from Puerto Rico and Mexico got together and had a snowball fight the middle of 3rd Street. Other TWC students watched from their window and joined in as we threw snowballs at each other for a few hours.


It wouldn’t be an understatement to say it was the best winter experience I’ve ever had. Another tip: keep an ear out for the true snowball professionals, the Washington D.C. Snowball Fight Association, for an opportunity meet up with other enthusiasts for some snowball action.


Snowball Fight near TWC Housing. Image by Blogger Zach


2. Make Snow Angels

The next morning when I woke up, everything was covered in snow. So I put on three t-shirts and two pairs of jeans, along with my jacket, hat, scarf and gloves, and wandered off to see the snow and take some pictures.


When I arrived at nearby Stanton Park, I saw a woman with her little girl playing, and I asked her to take my picture making a snow angel. She laughed and happily took a photograph as we talked about my first encounters with snow.


Stanton Park snow covered


Making my first snow angel!


3. Go See the Monuments Covered in Snow

I walked a total of 10 miles that snowy day and visited landmarks like the Capitol, the National Mall, the Washington Monument, and the different memorials around the Tidal Basin (FDR, MLK, and Jefferson). It was stunning to see Washington under the white blanket, and I even found a snowman standing there in front of the Capitol.


So, if you’re in D.C. in the winter time, make sure to see the iconic landmarks in their snowy glamour. Just like blogger Zach said you don't want to miss the monuments at night, you really don't want to miss out on the snowtime tour.


Snowy Capitol Grounds

There are really fun activities to do during the cold season, so make sure to check out how to enjoy the cold weather. Next time the forecasts say SNOWSTORM, don't panic! Make sure to keep warm, follow all official instructions of local agencies and ask for updates from your internship site to see if you need to go to work under the weather conditions.


For now, I say goodbye to the winter snow very grateful and happy. As temperatures get warmer and cherry blossoms start blooming, I can't wait for “springtime, the only pretty ring time." - William Shakespeare

Until next week,

“See you next year” - Mr. Snowman


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