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People Make the Difference

Years from now, I’ll look out the window on a cool spring morning, a soft silk breeze will seep through the cracked bay window and caress my porcelain cheeks, and the earth will whisper… “The Washington Center.”

Woe is me! The highs! The lows! It all happened so fast! You know what I’ll miss the most? Here’s a hint… it’s a cliché… you guessed it - the people. I really didn’t plan on making many friends down here, but fate had a different plan for me, and now I’m stuck saying goodbye to all my young professional pals that I’ve been chasing my future alongside. You guys all taught me how to pretend to be an adult, and so far so good.

(Take a wild guess which one I am)

This experience has opened my eyes to an entirely new layer of society. My friends back home are a bit older - mid 20’s, union workers, business owners, didn’t go to college. They’re the type of guys that when you come home for Thanksgiving break, you’re not surprised they haven’t left, but you’re not surprised that they’re successful either. Solid, well-to-do guys, but they never really penetrated that corporate level of society. They haven’t been to a networking event, they don’t know what LinkedIn is (nevermind an updated one), they don’t care if there is alcohol in their profile pictures, and they’ve definitely never done an informational interview. Therefore, neither did I, up until a few short months ago.

With the help of my new friends at The Washington Center, I’ve managed to bridge the gap between my two labor-intensive worlds. I like that I can say I’ve worked in both the trades and the corporate environment, and now I can really move in any direction I want. I have friends from all over the world that I can add to my close-knit group of friends back home. And in the process of making all these friends, that distinction between where someone is from, what they do for work, or what language they speak has been blurred.

I’m going to miss The Washington Center, and most of all, the people. The bottom line is that I’ve been young for a while - I’m almost not even young anymore (yikes). But the people at The Washington Center have helped me become a young professional, before it was too late. Now when I pretend to be an adult, people will actually buy it (HA). My friends back home have taken to calling me “D.C. Big Shot.” But you know what? I don’t really mind it. I think they actually hit the nail on the head.

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