Let's Talk About Politics

Let's Talk About Politics

Let’s talk about politics. Kind of.


If you’re anything like me, the phrase “let’s talk politics” is a loaded command. That simple sentence constitutes a risk the likes of which you’ve never seen. Spring break? One more drink? Nope, not as big of a risk. Giving that ex who tried to burn your house down one more shot? Nope, political talk still wins. What if you’re speaking to a friend? A colleague? A significant other? If you’re on opposite ends of the political spectrum, then your relationship is about to be tested.

That is, unless you’re talking politics in Washington, D.C.

Contrary to popular belief, the political environment in Washington, D.C. is much more tolerant than one would imagine. Gone are the days of tip-toeing away from current issues with my politically-challenged friends. Two or three drinks deep on a first date in Washington D.C., and we're talking politics. Boom. How's that for dating advice?


Thats a fist bump, not a punch. #poundit (photo via thehill)


What’s important isn’t so much your opinion, but what’s behind it. What socio-economic background do you come from? What political environment? Are your opinions based in fact or fiction? It’s about understanding each other’s point of view and the necessity for difference of opinion in open debate, not just the accuracy one’s opinion. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about truth, it’s that it tends to lie somewhere in the middle ground.

As the Supreme Court stated in 1964: against the background of “a profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide open […] erroneous statement is inevitable in free debate, and […] it must be protected if the freedoms are expressions are to have the ‘breathing space’ that they ‘need to survive.’”


In the spirit of open debate

Here are some names that you [probably] won’t be called in Washington D.C.


Liberals: Feminazi, Communist, Socialist, Union Thug


Conservatives: Wingnut, Moonbat, Knuckle-Dragger, Rethuglican

And there you have it folks. It exists. It’s not Atlantis. It’s not El Dorado. It’s Washington D.C. The holy Mecca of political debate. Embrace America and our First Amendment rights. Just remember people- it’s a debate, not an argument. Now get out there and make some noise.

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