Birthday Shenanigans in Washington D.C.

Birthday Shenanigans in Washington D.C.

Why hello there, folks - my name’s Jack, and I’m a member of the latest and greatest blogging team for The Washington Center (TWC). Please allow me to introduce myself by sharing a few fun facts with you:

1- It’s my birthday
2- It’s my birthday
3- You guessed it… it’s my birthday

But not only is today my birthday, tonight will be my first night out in a new city, and not just any city, but Washington D.C.! Woohoo! And as if that wasn’t enough to hype you up, I’m also going out in this new city with some new friends. Granted these "new friends" consist of a girl from TWC that I met at the grocery store and her friends who I’m yet to have met. But hey, when in Rome.

I’m currently doing more research on D.C. nightlife than I did for my last term paper, and I’m hoping that all my hard work will pay off. Location makes or breaks a night, that’s no secret, even to the most inexperienced of bar-goers. So, with that in mind I’ve decided to use a life-line and phone a friend (a.k.a. I texted the only person I know from D.C. to ask where to go). Hopefully everything works out, and I end up like Nick Carraway at some Gatsby party. But who knows? A kid can dream right?



Low and behold, dreams do come true. If you’re still reading, then congratulations, you’ve made it to part 2 of my blog. Now buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.



Remember when I asked you, "who knows?" As in, who knows what I’ll end up doing? Well now, you knows, because I went out, and here’s what I ended up doing:

When I called up that one person I knew from D.C., he actually invited me out with him. And you know what they say, doeth as the Romans do, so I hopped in an Uber and headed over to his place in Vienna (just southwest of D.C.). I never did get to see grocery store girl *sheds a single tear for what could’ve been* but hopefully our paths will cross again someday (I mean we do live in the same building). But I’m not here to blog about missed connections...

Around 10:30 p.m., my friend and I embarked on our journey to the hip and happenin’ neighborhood known as Clarendon. Technically, Clarendon is in Arlington, VA, but it straddles the southwestern edge of D.C. Let me tell you, in the words of my boy Billy Shakespeare… it was lit. I was told that you don’t pick a bar to go to in Clarendon, you just kind of show up and see how long the lines are. So, that’s exactly what we did.

When we first got there, one of the shorter lines was for Spider Kelly’s, which is a huge modernish bar with great music and surprisingly great service, considering how packed it was. There were all sorts of games to play, like pool, shuffleboard, arcade games, etc. Oh, and they also have a beer garden, no big deal. And for those of you that don’t know what that is… it’s a garden. They serve beer in it. *cue jaw drop*

Shortly thereafter, under the guidance of our new friends (courtesy of Tinder Social), we migrated to the rooftop at Whitlow’s on Wilson. The rooftop bar itself was pretty cool, as was the outdoor atmosphere. Again, the place was packed, but they kept up with service and the crowd was more social there - I think that was due to the open, outdoorsy vibe. Oh, and they also have that Hook & Ring Toss game which I didn’t bother to play.

The last bar that we went to was Mister Days. Mister Days was chaos. The place was kind of dingy, but it was absolutely packed. Which was both good and bad. The music was great and the dance floor was crowded (in a good way), so that was really fun. I love to dance, but by no means does that love of dancing translate to talent. Quite the contrary, actually.

Finally, our last stop of the night was the Silver Diner. The food was awesome and the place was full of rowdy kids being obnoxious. It was great. This was also when I realized that I left my debit card at Whitlow’s.


All in all, pretty fun night, and I did eventually get my debit card back, so quit worrying. At this rate, I’ll be an expert on D.C. nightlife in no time. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the blog, and stay tuned for more.


xoxo Gossip Jack

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