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Transitions in Politics and Personal Life

The hot topic of the week here at TWC seems to be about transition.


Last Friday, we had an exceptional panel of experts come talk to us about the presidential transition. The mere thought of the White House being mostly empty on January 19th (the day before the inauguration) is daunting. I had the unique opportunity to tour the White House this past Saturday, and seeing the furniture, artwork and pictures that had been selected by the Obamas to be displayed was great. It is weird to think that if I came back to the White House in February, the interior design and layout would be completely different.


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At the end of the panel discussion, the staff at TWC thanked everyone for a great fall semester. This made me think about my own transitions, and how my apartment at TWC would have a different interior come February as well! TWC and D.C. have become a second home over the past several months, and it is strange to think that in a couple weeks, the residential apartments of TWC will be stripped away of personal touches and a blank canvas will be ready for the next group of eager interns.


Regardless of your political viewpoints, the speakers on Friday agreed that it is in all of their best interests to see the White House transition go smoothly. I think all the interns through TWC would agree that a smooth transition out of D.C. is in their best interest as well. Transitions are not an easy part of life, but the uncontrollable aspects of transitioning is what makes it a transformative time! I am graduating from my undergraduate college in December, and I luckily have a job lined up afterwards.


TWC has helped me gain a sense of what the real world has to offer, while still allowing me to use the training wheels when I need to. I chose to come to TWC because I knew it would make the transition to the working world a little easier. I could not have made a better decision. It will be hard to leave and say goodbye to everyone I have met while living in D.C., but as all interns learn, networking is the key to success, so I plan to stay in touch with everyone I have built a relationship with here. TWC chooses its interns wisely, and in my opinion, you don’t get to TWC without being a hard, motivated worker.


As I think about my transition and reflect back on my time at TWC, I know I have made some lifelong friendships and learned professional skills that you cannot gain sitting in a classroom. As we all embark on a long weekend of eating until we can’t move, think about your TWC family and some life skills you will take back wherever you are headed next!


Taking off the training wheels,


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