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Top 10: Sunday Brunch

In light of this past week's election, I have decided to write about something everyone can agree on…food! If you live in D.C., food usually means one of two things: happy hour or brunch. Today, I am going to list my top ten brunch places around D.C. and my favorite item to eat at each!


10. The DINER

Food: You can’t go wrong with the breakfast burrito here; it has the perfect proportions of all things yummy in a breakfast burrito, plus the home fries are inside the burrito!


Drinks: House Bloody Mary is a great pairing with the burrito.


9. Wicked Waffles

Food: I am all classic here for the bacon, cheese, and egg savory waffle sandwich. If you have a sweet tooth, go for the strawberry cheesecake waffle!


8. Maketto

Food: Not your usual brunch menu. At Maketto, you will be having dim sum. Be careful if you do not like spicy food though!!


Drinks: Go for a traditional hot tea.



7. DC Harvest

Food: I went back to my southern roots and had the shrimp and grits. I have to say, they did an excellent job for being this far north.


Drinks: Treat yourself to the bottomless options!


6. Coffy Café

Food: The buckwheat crepes are a must. Choose savory or sweet, or get both if you are really hungry.


Drinks: Go for the coffee, as it is served the traditional French café way.


5. Birch and Barley

Food: Get your food and drink as a combo and order the boozy brunch; it's a great option if you stayed out a little too late the night before. ;)


4. Firefly

Food: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes might sound a little weird, but if you are like me and LOVE Earl Grey tea, these delicious silver dollars are for you.


Drinks: They do make a mean Earl Grey tea, but if that is an overload on tea, they also have fresh squeezed juices that can become boozy or not.


3. Ted’s Bulletin

Food: Two words: Homemade Poptarts. Honestly anything and everything on the menu here is good. If you have a table of people, the cinnamon bun is a must have!


Drinks: Mimosas (try the pineapple ginger).


2. Founding Farmers

Food: Uncle Buck’s Beignets are a great starter for the table; they are so good you could eat them all alone though. To go classic and get the Founding Farmers Breakfast is a great option, but again if you have a sweet tooth, get the Stuffed French Toast...I don’t think I need to explain.


Drinks: Booze - Bellini. Coffee - French Press. Tea - Mint Chai.



1. Table

A more traditional French brunch restaurant (a good one to go to if your parents are coming to town).

Food: Smoked salmon, which consists of crepes that are filled with chickpeas, poached eggs, and topped with tahini. Have a dessert of ricotta beignets.


Drinks: Their wine menu does the trick; if you don’t drink, their coffee is amazing. Judging by the reactions of people eating food at the tables around us, I think you could order anything and be happy.

Whether you are celebrating this past week’s events or wanting to eat away your emotions, there are plenty of options out there waiting for you to indulge. D.C. is a very unique city where you can explore every culture through food, and in return, D.C. has created a culture through brunch. I certainly fell in love with the awkward middle morning hour meal called brunch the first weekend in the nation's capital!


Bon Appetit!!


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