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Not Goodbye, but See You Later D.C.

I am a country girl from a small town in Tennessee. If you told me, a few years ago, that I would be living in a city for a few months, and working in a city, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. I hate cities. I love nature, and I love being able to get lost on a good running trail, and more things you can't do in cities. However, I fell in love with D.C. When you are living in D.C. it does not feel like any other city. Each quadrant feels like a small suburb and you run into your neighbors regularly at the grocery store, and even around town.


The TWC residence was in the perfect spot, a quiet, warm neighborhood environment, that is accessible to public transportation and a short walk to the fun touristy areas too. People make a large difference in my opinion to how "adjustable" a move is. I think it takes a unique and brilliant person to choose the TWC program, and I am not saying that just because I did! The TWC semester program is hard and I would be lying if the whole semester was a piece of cake; however, that is what makes it magical. When you apply to TWC, you know you must go to classes AND work. An internship is a full-time job, and you will come home some evenings and have less than an hour to get ready for a three-hour seminar. My peers and instructors made this journey a lot of fun, challenging, but exciting the whole time!



Looking back at my semester, I got to make a difference in children's lives, and some now love running as much as I do! The students I taught have already said they miss me. As I type this in the airport about to travel to Mt. Everest, I keep thinking of all the silly and hard times of my internship.


Through TWC events, I got to meet some of my dearest lifelong friends. Others who do TWC program realize how much it takes to work and attend school at the same time, but they also benefit from the rewards too!



Lastly, I cannot express how many connections I could make through TWC, I ended up interviewing sixteen people, even though we only had to interview two for our assignments. Almost every working professional in D.C. has done an internship, so they understand how hard it can be to see how far an internship can go. I reached out to so many people in professions that I am thinking of pursuing, and I got a different version of the same advice every time. "Do what you truly want to do." "Be selfish, only you can choose your path." Those are just two examples of what my interviewees told me. I truly believe that I can do what I believe in, and what I want to do and turn it into a career. It will not be easy, but as TWC interns know, great things do not come easy, and they take hard work. I fell in love with D.C., and one day I hope I'll use my connections and move back and work full time here in the nation's capital!

If you would like to keep up with my Mt. Everest adventures, follow my new blog, and @wanderluststorey on Instagram!


Happy Holidays, and good luck with your futures,




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