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Keeping Healthy in the Winter

If you have gone outside in the last couple of weeks, you have probably noticed that the temperature dropped and Oldman Winter is here to stay. Unfortunately we aren’t bears, so we can’t hibernate until springtime. As the cold weather sinks in, generally, so do the bad habits. The holidays don’t help either; I know I ate a few too many piled plates this past weekend. Don’t let this cold weather prevent you from eating healthy and exercising. In colder weather, the body actually burns more calories since it takes more energy to keep the body at a proper temperature. There is science behind why you do want to eat heartier meals in the winter, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy!



Soup is a great (WARM) way to continue to get all of the important key nutrients and vegetables that you need to fight off the cold season. Here is my favorite homemade soup recipe.

Courtesy of Gena Hamshaw


If you don’t like cooking, then here are my top three favorite places in D.C. for a nice hot bowl of soup:


1. Soupergirl - They sure know their soups here, and there are always a few gluten-free, vegan and/or kosher soups to choose from. They change their menu daily and have seasonal soups. My recent favorite was the lentil sweet potato apple. They also have homemade breads for those who do eat gluten!


2. Zoup! - A franchise started in Chicago (appropriate since it’s freezing there in the winter), but they have local favorites like the Maryland Crab soup! They usually have a chili or two on the daily menu, if you like a more hearty meal.

3. Sakuramen Ramen Bar - No college kids, this is not that type of ramen. This is the REAL deal ramen. My favorite is the Gojiramen, but honestly they are all good!


Fun (Not) Freezing Fitness

As for the exercise, I know it took me a long time to get the appropriate layering down so I wouldn’t be too cold or too hot. Here is a great layering guide for temperatures and if you get colder more easily (like me), then always opt for a hat and gloves (those are easy to take off if you get too warm).



If you absolutely refuse to exercise in the cold weather, then here is a 30-day fitness challenge for December to get you started before the New Year.


Courtesy of catch88


Stay Warm,



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