Biking Your Way Around D.C.

Biking Your Way Around D.C.

Even if you just visit D.C. for a day, you can see that our nation’s capital is a biking city. I have dipped my feet into triathlons recently so I brought my bike to D.C. knowing that I would be using it to train and to take advantage of the awesome greenways. However, I did not realize I would be commuting to my internship on it!

Although metro repairs are inconvenient, they have to happen at some point. Since I found out about the repair schedule ahead of time, I looked into biking to work. Sure enough in this extremely biking friendly city, not only was it easy to get to my work, but it was actually faster than the metro to start with!!


My personal recommendation to find out how to get places via bike would be to use Google Maps. In Google Maps there is a button specifically for biking directions. It will always take you on the most bike-friendly route. If you have data on your phone you can put the audio on and it will even alert you when a turn is coming up. Otherwise screenshot all the directions before you go so if you get lost you will know how to get back!


Don’t have your own bike? Check out D.C. Craigslist for cheap (but great) bikes for sale! Capital Bikeshare is a great alternative if you just want to test out biking through D.C. for a day. My bike shop recommendation is the Daily Rider it’s just a few blocks left of Giant on H Street!


If you also want to use your bike for working out, I suggest doing group rides! It’s a great way to meet new people, and sometimes even network. If someone who works for a company that you are interested in is doing a group ride clearly you have a common interest! Check out Active Life D.C.’s website for group ride meetups and don’t worry there is every level of riding available! Interested in my favorite biking workout? Check it out here. I highly suggest using this website as a tool to find great bike workouts.


Happy adventuring!



P.S. - Please be intelligent and wear a helmet, and if you do listen to music just use one earbud.

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