My Real-World Internship Experience

My Real-World Internship Experience

After having spent some time now at my internship, I can say that I really love working there. I think I couldn’t have been any happier with any other internship. I’m interning in the global marketing department at the Youth for Understanding international exchange organization. YFU is a non-profit organization, offering young students the chance to go on a cultural exchange year and gain intercultural understanding. Doesn’t that sound really cool?!


Let me tell you a little bit more about my amazing life as an intern. As a global marketing intern, I’m mainly in charge of writing the marketing campaigns. The marketing language that I write will be used by national organizations all over the world to include parts of it in their own campaigns. For every destination that YFU offers, I get do research on the country and write attractive texts in different sections, including country information, food facts, movies and music, geography, discovery, language and student testimonials. Since I love to travel and love to gain multicultural perspectives, this internship suits me extremely well. I get to learn so much more about different countries all over the world, which is amazing.


Another one of my duties is social media management. Together with my two lovely co-workers, we manage the Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest page. I’m fully in charge of the Instagram account, and I really like writing short creative captions to go with the beautiful pictures I post. At the end of the day, it’s really satisfying to see people liking and commenting on your posts. And since social media is an up-and-coming marketing tool, I’m glad to get hands-on experience with this. Just recently, I also got the responsibility to start sketching some ideas to convert my marketing campaigns into webpages on the global YFU website. I can design it how I would like it to be, then create a page for each country.


My co-workers and me


My main duties thus include writing marketing campaigns, managing the social media pages and creating content for the website. I really love how I get a lot of responsibilities during my internship. Next to that, I also have a lovely team to work with. I work with two other interns from TWC as a part of the global brand team, along with a couple of other amazing women located in Italy, Brazil, the Netherlands and Sweden. Since my supervisor works in Sweden, we get to work independently as interns a lot, but still have her full support when needed. I really feel that this is a good way to get hands-on experience in the field and to learn as much as possible. We couldn’t have wished for a better supervisor - we really hit the jackpot with her. So, if you’re interested in marketing and communications and have a passion for learning about world, I’d say that an internship with YFU might be a great fit for you!

Your Erudite European,


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