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Choosing your Professional Track

Before you arrive at TWC, you’ll choose a professional track to participate in as part of your LEAD Colloquium. Are you stressed because of all the preparations and don’t know which one to choose? Just keep calm and pick the most fun one: Media and Communications!


During the semester, we already got some great opportunities in this track, such as discovering the Newseum and getting a tour of the offices at National Public Radio (NPR). Next to that, we have heard stories about the first-hand experiences of many professionals in the media and communications field. Two weeks ago, however, the scheduled speakers canceled, so our instructor came up with a very fun idea. We could roam free in the city to shoot a video, with the chance of winning a lunch with a videographer for CNN. Competitive as my friend Jana and I are, we were determined to win this awesome lunch.


But as you may have already experienced, brainstorming doesn’t go as planned when your mind is set on winning something. We wanted to come up with something original and not something as general as the elections, which we felt that everyone else would be covering already. Eventually, a light popped up in Jana’s head to ask the most important citizens in D.C. what they thought about the upcoming elections. And when I say important I really mean important and maybe even a tiny bit prestigious… Obviously, I’m talking about squirrels here.



Jana got the brilliant idea of chasing down squirrels and imitating their voices to express their opinions about the historic elections. The whole group agreed, so we went outside looking for squirrels and ran after them like five little children. It soon turned out that I was born to be a squirrel whisperer. Everywhere we went, I managed to spot a squirrel in some of the weirdest places of the cities. While I whispered to them and made them feel comfortable, other friends in our group imitated them with their best voices. Not only were we in the mood for this project, but the squirrels seemed motivated, too. They all managed to play a certain type of squirrel: the sad one, the one just chilling around, the anxious one, the angry one, the shy one… Together, we had a lot of fun and managed to make what we think is an awesome video, requiring some real reporting skills. Watch our video to get an inside scoop into the political thoughts of D.C. squirrels:



So, if you’re not sure which professional track to choose, I can only advise you to pick the Media and Communications one. And if you want to have a good laugh and some fun in the city, chase down some squirrels.


Your expert squirrel-whispering European,



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