How to Get Tickets to Adele in D.C.

How to Get Tickets to Adele in D.C.

First, you should all know that I have been in love with Adele for a couple of years. And by love, I mean really love. I’m not gonna be ashamed of the fact that I used to have a frame of the woman on my desk and took pictures with it. Nor of the fact that pictures of her were all over my room and that I celebrated her birthday by having a girl’s night with another fan in Germany by simultaneously watching her DVD of the Royal Albert Hall concert during her 21 tour. I’m not even gonna be ashamed of the fact that I’m in an official "Daydreamers" Facebook group.


Yes, I'm that dedicated. So, you can imagine how excited I was to discover that Adele would be performing at D.C.'s Verizon Center this semester! One of the best things about being in D.C. for several months is the endless opportunities to see concerts, shows, art exhibits, etc. that typically only make it to major cities. I went above and beyond, and was ultimately successful in gaining my ticket to see Adele. Here are some tips (from personal experience) on how to get a last minute ticket to an Adele concert (and probably every concert/sports game) at the Verizon Center.


1. Be a dedicated fan

You should probably also know that I made my mother promise five years ago that if Adele ever came to perform in London again that she would come with me. Five years later, I held her to that promise and my amazing mother joined her crazy daughter at the O2 arena. I even skipped three days of university for this. But, oh my god, it was worth it.


2. Cry until the day of the event itself

The official ticket sale date of the Verizon Center concert on October 10th and 11th was in December 2015, but I only knew I was accepted into the TWC program in May 2016. Knowing now what a crazy fan I am, you can imagine what my face looked like when I figured out she’d be here then. I was determined to go, no matter what it took. From May on, I had been checking StubHub and even sent emails to the Adele management, without any luck…


3. Go to the Verizon Center the day of the event before 10am

A week before the concert, I still had no luck on StubHub and decided that if the prices wouldn’t drop, I’d just pay 300 dollars for a crappy ticket. I even considered meeting up with sketchy people to get a ticket via Craigslist. But then, the Verizon Center offered me a way out: they did an official release of tickets on the day of the event itself.


While all my friends went to Baltimore, the dedicated fan in me went to the Verizon Center at 7:50am, to find eight men standing in line already. Eight very sketchy men trying to buy four tickets to resell them later. I could cry and was ready to go into war and do whatever it took to get a ticket. However, these 40- to 60-year-old men were very friendly and gave me high-fives for my dedication, coming alone so early without anybody else to try getting a ticket. The guys even bought me a donut. New friendships were born, and we’re basically BFF’s now.


Eventually, the Verizon Center decided to do a lottery (so I didn't need to come that early, after all). I was the tenth person in line after the lottery, and I got a FLOOR TICKET! Official price. Right in front of the B stage. My seats in London weren’t even that good. I was and still am in heaven.





4. Cry of happiness during the event

At 8pm, I went to the arena, all alone, but I had the best time ever. I was so close that I could see her face expressions without having to look at the big screen. Dedicated as I am, I created a sign to try to get on stage, but unfortunately was not called up. I was almost so close that I could have smelled her. This crossed the line, but you already figured out how big of a fan I am. Even though you may not be a fan, I can assure you that she’s better live than every live video or song you’ve ever heard before of her.


Watch the opening live version of Hello that I filmed here:


My beautiful sign


So, if you’re trying to get tickets to go to a show at the Verizon Center, whether it’s a concert or a sports game, you should go to the official release on the day of the event itself. Be sure to be there a little bit before 10am, and you’re likely to get a very good seat for the official price.


Your Extremely Excited European Daydreamer,



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