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10 D.C. Restaurants You Can't Miss

Food. I realize that this is a theme in my blog that just keeps coming back. So, why not let it pass one more time in one of my last blogs before I leave this awesome city? *crying and sobbing* Keep reading to find out what I thought were the best places to eat in the city. And yes, I am mixing up everything: brunch, lunch, dinner, because one can never have too many food possibilities! Also, I am just listing them in a random order, so number 10 is absolutely not last place on the list.


1. Busboys and Poets


Okay, I said that I would list food places in a random order, but this stays my favorite one. This hipster place is just perfect to have either lunch or dinner. Share that plate of nachos with grilled chicken with your friends, choose one of their delicious entrees, and end this party in heaven with a homemade banana-white chocolate bread pudding.


2. Romeo and Juliet


By far the best place to brunch! Only a couple of blocks away from the RAF, this cozy restaurant has a nice terrace in summer but is also fun inside. Go for the Eggs Benedict to begin with and top that with a delicious French toast or the lemon ricotta pancakes. Yum!


Eggs Benedict at Romeo and Juliet


3. Shake Shack


To keep it in the fast food trend, Shake Shack is another great place for burgers and fries! As the expert of the French fries (yes, they call them FRENCH fries although BELGIUM is home of fries, and YES, this frustrates the proud Belgian inside of me), I can only say that these are the best fries I have had in D.C.!


4. Indigo


Indian vibes across the street of the RAF. This place is very cozy outside in the evening when the lights go on and the whole place is filled with shattering young people. My favorite here: the tomato basil butter chicken.


5. Art-drenaline


Brunch again on Sunday! This place is a little bit further away, but you pay $20 to eat your way through a bottomless brunch, hooray! Try these delicious omelets made right in front of you, and their awesome waffles.


6. We, The Pizza


I’m not gonna lie, even though I often complain about the unhealthy food possibilities in America, my favorite dish in the whole world remains pizza. "We, the pizza" could be my life motto, to be quite honest, and it serves rather specialty pizzas, but they are oh so delicious.


7. TD Burger


Get ready for happy hour at TD Burger right in front of the RAF! From 4:00-7:00 pm every Monday to Friday, they serve burgers for $5. If you prefer pizza, then stop by there before 6:00 pm for a pizza for only half of the price.


Pepperoni Pizza at TD Burger


8. Union Market


Union Market could have maybe better been called Food Mecca, as there are literally thousands of possibilities to eat. My favorite are the burgers in Red Apron, which I think are the best in D.C. so far. Next to that, they have all sorts of international food, and I like to end my food journey there with a Nutella and banana pancake. Just because Nutella makes everything better, always.


9. Ben’s Chili Bowl


This place, located on U Street, not only has great half-smoke chili hotdogs but also historical significance. During the 1968 Washington Riots that followed Martin Luther King’s death and ravaged the city for 12 days, this place held the community together and was spared from these insane days of rioting.


10. Pho 68

This is the place to go for some really good Vietnamese soup and spring rolls, just delicious!


Spring rolls at Pho 68


So, go out there and explore what the D.C. food culture has to offer! As I am writing this in the last week before I am going back home, I can say that I didn’t take enough advantage of this and wished that I would have discovered some more good places. Smakelijk! (As we say in Belgium before we start eating.


Your Eating (and continuously eating) European,


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