Sundays: The Key to Success

Sundays: The Key to Success

It's so easy to use Sundays for long naps and Netflix. But if you reframe them as days of reflection and preparation, you just might have the best week ever.


Do Something that Inspires You

Sunday afternoon is prime time for museum visits and the like. I have to admit that I was a lot more on top of things upon first arriving in D.C. I wanted to take in as much as I could, so I was constantly planning mini adventures for myself and the people that I've clung to since moving in at TWC. But in recent weeks, I've found that some Sundays, I don't even leave the apartment. Sunday is a good day for chores and prepping for the upcoming week, but it should also be used as a day to take advantage of your free time by exploring. Free time is something I've grown to cherish and it's a shame to spend it in bed doing something you could do anywhere else. But since you're here, you're not just anywhere and that is something I try to keep in mind when I find myself wanting to be lazy.


Reflect on the Week Before

Good or bad, when Sunday rolls around, you've just completed a full week of work and play and before you start planning out the next, I've found it helpful to reflect on the last. Take some time to pat yourself on the back and recognize what worked this week or kick yourself a little and brainstorm ways to do better in the future. As the weeks come and go here, I realize that, although we have a pretty regimented schedule, no two weeks are ever the same. I always find myself jotting down things I don't know or understand whether it be at work, in class or out at our professional track events but Sundays are when I like to actually plug those things into google and learn something new. It's one thing to write something down that you feel has significance and never take a second look at it. But it's an entirely different thing to actually return to that thought and reflect on it further.


Map out the Week Ahead

Preparation can mean different things depending on the person. As a student at TWC, believe me when I say that there is never a dull moment. When my sister who works in D.C. asked about getting lunch this week, I was only half kidding when my response was "let me check my schedule". There is constantly so much going on but unlike being busy at school, the thing that you're trying to attend are less of obligations that you have to take care of and more of opportunities that you don't want to miss. The best and the only way that I've been able to maximize my time here is by, literally, mapping out my week with pen and paper. Once you have a schedule drafted out, it makes for a much more smooth week to come because you know what to expect and when to expect it.


Once all is said and done, Power Down

Since being in D.C., I've reestablished the concept of a bedtime. As the old saying goes, once a man, twice a child. The accuracy of that statement wasn't revealed to me until I found myself not being able to keep my eyes open much later than 11:00 p.m. But truth be told, I'm not complaining. If you're checking off everything on your to-do list getting the most out of your time, you're exhausted by that point anyway. I find it best to call it a night as early as I possibly can on Sundays in order to set a precedent for the great week ahead.


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