Opportunity Around Every Corner

Opportunity Around Every Corner

Rubbing elbows with ambassadors and high-ranking elected officials wasn't exactly how I expected to spend my casual Tuesday night. But if we're being honest, you never know what to expect when in D.C.


I have a friend from my school back in New York who spent a semester of her college career interning on The Hill. In part, she's the reason I'm here at The Washington Center because she said interning in D.C. was one the best decisions she could have ever made.


She has since graduated and found her way back to Washington at a lobbying firm in the area. I was flattered upon receiving her invitation Monday afternoon to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's annual Ambassadors Ball. Needless to say my feelings toward Mondays scaled up significantly this week.


This part of the story could be a headline in and of itself -- "Unpaid Intern Attends Black Tie Affair". I could say it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but, under the circumstances, I don't believe that these types of incredible moments are necessarily numbered. Here in Washington, opportunity awaits at every corner. You simply have to look up when you're walking in order to see it.


Since day one, I've noticed that there is something different about this city. People are ambitious and informed. They are driven and dynamic. But these qualities alone wouldn't set them apart from all of the other thriving, metropolitan areas.


It's the way that these traits are applied that make the people here different. Professionals in D.C. will invest their go-getter mentality, not only into their profession but, into their community.


From an intern's standpoint, I've come to look at things this way. If you meet a wildly successful pundit in Washington, which you'll likely meet more than one, chances are they know you. They were you. They know what it's like to be a twenty-something, up to your eyeballs in debt who is simply trying to get their foot in the door. It's almost as though there is an unspoken level of stewardship that yields people to be so willing to help and as a result, sometimes all it takes a comment or a compliment to spark a conversation that could change your life.


This city has so many chances for you to learn something new and if you aren't doing at least one thing every day to better yourself or your community through seeing what the day has offered before you, then you are definitely doing it wrong.


Networking always has such a formal connotation but it's honestly just having a conversation. Between Uber pool rides, trips on the elevator to work and grocery store check-out lines, I've collected a pretty fat stack of business cards and its only week 4. If you seek value and opportunity in everything that you do here, there is no way for you to leave this city empty handed.


Feed your soul and fill your tank because D.C.  is teeming with those "once in a lifetime" moments.

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