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A Digital Approach to Influencing Policy

As a millennial who struggles to stay on top of my own social media accounts, I've come to realize that I need to get in line or get left behind.

In recent years, the concept of social media as a platform for marketing has exploded. After all, it only makes sense. People are constantly being updated through various mediums on a variety of accounts that provide the perfect podium for the display of goods and services. As a result of data sharing, there are now ways for businesses to narrow down their target audience to an even slimmer margin of likely buyers.

It's no wonder that other professions have begun looking to social media to increase their own effectivity and K street is no exception. Digital advocacy is proving to be the fastest, most effective way to intervene and influence policymakers today. An article published by the Washington Post a few weeks ago served as evidence to the harsh reality that I will, at some point or another, work on social media in the workplace.


Social media

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The article stated that the greatest percentage of respondents to a survey on the subject reported that in the next five years, they anticipate that organizations will greatly increase social media to influence policymakers.

That being said, I feel as though social media has been given new meaning and purpose in my eyes. As much of a public disservice it has proven to be in the last year by highly encouraging the spread of misinformation, this is a way that its powers can be used for good. Allowing people to follow an issue from start to finish with accurate, timely information, is the luxury we now have by constantly having the Internet at our fingertips.

If we can get people liking and sharing the right things, maybe Facebook could become a functional catalog of public opinion that representatives can look to when making decisions on behalf of their constituents.

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