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Tips for Any Future Hill Intern

You’re all moved in at The Washington Center. You’ve picked out the perfect outfit for your first day at work tomorrow. The nerves are starting to kick in. You’ve tossed and turned in bed for a while, and you’re wishing somebody would give you a few pieces of advice before your first day at your internship. Here are a few tips I wish I knew before I got started:



1. Your Attitude Determines Your Experience

This really is the most important piece of advice. Regardless of what you’ll be doing in your office, it is important to see each and every day as a learning experience. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude while having realistic and meaningful expectations will almost guarantee that you have the best experience possible.


2. Shh...Keep it to Yourself

Seriously. Keep it to yourself. Working behind the scenes in a government office will expose you to information that should never leave the office. Living in an era where every single second seems to be documented, it is incredibly important to be mindful of what you post on social media, and to always remember that information heard in the office should never leave the office.


3. "Yes" is the Best Answer

The first few weeks in the office, it will seem like an overwhelming wave of new information repeatedly hits you each minute. The quickest way to learn and continue to grow is to say “yes” to any task or opportunity that comes up. Be willing to take on difficult projects, mundane errands and mindless tasks that may not make a lot of sense at the moment. Much like I mentioned above, see every task as an opportunity to leave a good mark.


4. Dress Professionally

One of the best words of advice I learned from my former boss was “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” I simply won’t ever understand the intern who wears jeans and flip flops to work. I believe how you dress to work says a lot about how you view yourself and how much you value your workplace. You can never go wrong by dressing professionally and conservatively when heading to work.


5. Every Guest is a VIP

As an intern, you will most likely be one of the very first people who sees guests walking in the door. Many times, you are the first impression that the guest or constituent will have of your office. Treating every person who walks through the door like a VIP will help make that person’s experience as special as possible.


D.C. Fact: Capitol Hill is the largest historic residential neighborhood and one of the most densely populated areas in Washington, D.C.


Living the Dream,

Austin G. Ferrer


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