My Biggest Takeaways (So Far)

My Biggest Takeaways (So Far)

I really cannot believe it has been 31 days since I moved to D.C. The pace has only seemed to slow down a bit, and the excitement of the new move hasn’t really faded. If anything, the more people I meet, the more I explore, and the more I learn have made each day better than the one before. This week, I have decided to slow the pace down for a few moments in order to reflect on a few takeaways from my first month in the capital.


1. Every Day is an Adventure

I’m not sure I’ll fully appreciate this until I have to head back home, but living in D.C. has really made every single day especially unique. I’ve been able to explore the underground tunnels of the Capitol, get lost in  museums with friends and expand my professional network by attending countless events hosted around the city. Having been to D.C. only two brief times before moving here, I am a bit nervous I won’t have enough time to see and do all that is still left! This weekend, a group of friends and I explored Dupont Circle and ended up painting walls (legally) at a studio called ArtJamz.



2. TWC Sets You Up for Success

One of the unique things about doing TWC is that you get to earn academic credit while getting first-hand experience interning in D.C. I’m so excited to talk more in depth about my internship next week, but before I do that, I want to say just how lucky I feel to have had TWC’s help along the job search process. This week, I had the chance to attend a networking event and met a few recent graduates who decided to make the move to D.C. in hopes of landing the next best gig. I was amazed to hear the different stories, but quickly found one common theme: getting a job is hard. Getting a job that suits exactly what you’re looking for is even harder. TWC set me up for success by pairing me with an internship site that had exactly what I was looking for. Although it has been up to me to make the most out of my experience, I know I have been given all of the necessary tools to succeed.


3. Alone Time is Necessary

Okay… maybe you’re not an introvert like me. But I promise the statement above still holds very true. After absorbing the energy of the city, getting a grip of your internship duties and exploring new suburbs with friends on the weekend, alone time is a must. In order to get the most out of every week, I’ve learned the importance on reflecting on what has happened, and also taking time to recharge. Starting each week fresh has been key to really making each day an adventure. My personal favorite way to recharge is by grabbing a book and reading near the Reflecting Pool by the Lincoln Memorial. It just doesn’t seem to get old.


4. This is Right Where I Need to Be

When going through a major change in life, difficult challenges and moments of self-doubt will inevitably come up at one point or another. When facing three major changes at once…well, difficult challenges and moments of self-doubt are simply an inescapable part of the process. Like all of the students at TWC, I had to move to a new city, begin classes at a new academic institution and manage to transition into a new internship. Needless to say, there were times early on where it was easy to feel out of place, doubtful and even afraid of what lied ahead. However, I feel more confident today than ever before that TWC is exactly where I need to be. I feel lucky to again be surrounded by professors who challenge me in the class and with friends who have made this month an unforgettable time.

D.C. Fact: President Woodrow Wilson is the only U.S. President to be buried in the Nation’s Capital. He is buried in the Washington National Cathedral.


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