You Can't Take D.C. Out of the Girl

You Can't Take D.C. Out of the Girl

Hey friends! Just when you thought you had gotten rid of me, I’m back (360 days later) to write yet another blog post, now as a summer 2016 TWC alumna!

If you’re wondering what I’m doing right now, I am sitting at a coffee shop in my hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia, sipping iced coffee and feeling a certain sense of both nostalgia and embarrassment as I read through some of my old blog posts (I wrote my first blog post on the art of saying “y’all.” For real, Madison?). Nevertheless, not much has changed in the life of Madison Kendrick. I’m still the same over-caffeinated busy bee that I was a year ago.


This summer, I decided to stay put in my second home of Nashville, TN to work for the Nashville Ballet as a chaperone for their 5-week summer intensive program. It was the summer of a lifetime cultivating a safe, creative and fun community for 140 twelve to twenty-one year olds. It was incredible to watch these hardworking dancers grow not only as artists, but also as amazing individuals.

You may be thinking, “Wait… you were in D.C. for a whole summer and you’re not working in politics yet?” Nope. Nor do I want to be. The number one aspect I loved about TWC was that its focus was far beyond creating political professionals. Although D.C. is primarily known to be the political capital of the world (as I mentioned in a previous blog post), its diversity (in every form) spans far and wide.



TWC allows anyone, regardless of professional interest, to dive into what they truly are passionate about. It is focused on providing students with the tools necessary to be effective and empowering leaders in today’s global economy. Whether the student is a senior looking to be the next U.S. Attorney General or little old me, a small-town sophomore who had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do with her life, this program provides the tools to succeed in the job market and the workplace.

Although I have little desire to work in politics, I am endlessly grateful for the skills I acquired from TWC’s amazing program. I became a more effective leader, as I now lead a committee for my university’s Student Government Association. I learned the importance of efficient communication skills as an current intern for a public relations firm in Nashville. I discovered that no matter how small I think I am, my voice is incredibly powerful and can promote real change if I choose to use it. Most of all, I learned that confidence is the greatest tool I could ever have in my arsenal because it will take me so much farther than anything I can learn in a classroom.

These are just a few of the lessons I learned from my short time in D.C. I could go on for days, but if you’re like me, your attention span is only so big. Instead, I’ll let you discover the power of TWC and everything it has to offer by experiencing it for yourself. No matter where your interests lie, TWC has an internship, evening course and professional development opportunities just for you (P.S. I am NOT getting paid to say this! I just really love TWC).



Although we are from different parts of the country, the relationships I formed a year ago are still going strong. My roommates from last summer are still some of my best friends (shout out to Alyse, Emily, and Skyler! I miss our popcorn and tea nights more and more everyday). Even though they are hundreds of miles away, they are my strongest support systems, and I am eternally grateful for the endless memories I made with them.

If you are planning to spend a summer or semester with TWC, work hard, but also play hard because your time in D.C. is going to go so fast. If you are somewhat shy like me, put yourself out there, make friends with people outside of your circle and go do things you would never do if you were home. You will be so glad you did.



Signing off *officially* for the last time.

Madison K.

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