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Headed to TWC? Here's What to Pack

Embarrassingly enough, I strolled up to the RAF (TWC Housing) at the start of the summer with four suitcases. That's right, four. Looking back at it now, I definitely could have cut that number down to two, but if you're like me, the packing process is not one for the weary.


It consists of a series of inner thoughts, including "I know it's going to be 15932 degrees, but what if I need a sweatshirt?" *packs sweatshirt* ...then, "I can't wear the same sweatshirt all summer, I need at least three." *packs two more*...then, "What if I meet President Obama, and he invites me to a fancy event at the White House?" *packs senior year prom dress*...then, well you get the idea.


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To help future TWC'ers, below is a comprehensive list of items you should bring to D.C. Follow my advice, and don't stray away from this list. Otherwise, you will end up like me: up to my chin in suitcases and baggage fees.


1. Business Professional Outfits

Unless your internship requires business professional every single day (most do not), cut down on the amount of formal attire you bring. You'll need to wear business professional attire for many TWC events, but I've only had to wear it to my internship a couple of times. Also, it is good to keep in mind that you can wear outfits more than once (no one really cares!).


Ladies: 1-2 black pants/skirts; 3-4 blouses; blazer; flats (heels are NOT a requirement due to the amount of walking in D.C., so bring 1 pair max.)

Gents: 1-2 suits; 4 button-up shirts; 4-6 ties; 1-2 pairs of formal shoes


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2. Business Casual Outfits

Business casual is what most internships require, so this is where the bulk of your packing will come in. Business casual is much more open-ended than business professional, so use this as a chance to show off your personal style while also being as professional as possible.


Ladies: Casual dresses; pants; blouses; blazers; multiple pairs of flats

Gents: Khakis; black pants; button-ups; casual blazers

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3. Out-of-the-office Outfits

Just because you are not at your internship or a TWC event does not mean you can dress inappropriately. You never know when you will see your boss, a co-worker or even your LEAD instructor. Washington, D.C. is a lot smaller than you might think!


Ladies: appropriate-length shorts (or pants if participating in the fall/spring semester); casual tees; 1-2 sweaters (nights can get chilly); lots of good walking shoes; 2-4 nicer "night-out" outfits

Gents: casual shorts (also appropriate length); t-shirts; 2-4 "night-out" outfits when you ask that cute girl in your LEAD class out on a date ;)


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4. Apartment Necessities

At least one of my suitcases was filled with stuff for the apartment. Don't ask me why; I guess I didn't think there would be stores here? I honestly don't know. You can purchase most everything you need at the Walmart or Target in D.C. Unless you know for sure that you can't get something at one of those two stores, leave it at home:


Things to bring from home:

- Pictures of friends/family for those nights when you are a bit homesick

- Your favorite pillow

- Specific hometown foods you can't get at The Giant or Harris Teeter

- School supplies: 1-2 folders, notebook, pens/pencils, planner

- Small toiletries

- Key chain for your ID and apartment keys


Things to Buy:
- Bed sheets and comforter/blanket
- 1-2 towels and washcloths
- Shampoo, soap, etc.
- Dishwashing detergent and sponges (TWC provides broom, vacuum and mop)
- Laundry basket, detergent and softener
- Hangers
- My roommates and I like to make the apartment feel homey, so we like to buy flowers to spruce the place up (Blue Iris Flowers at Eastern Market is our favorite)
- All food (I would suggest getting a Giant Card, as it will save you a lot of money when grocery shopping)


Happy packing! And remember: the more is definitely not the merrier!

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Xoxo, Madison K.


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