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D.C. aka Diversity Central

As I walk up and down the numbered and lettered streets of The District, I encounter politicians, businesspeople, foreigners, locals, tourists, and lots and lots of dogs. Being from a small suburb in the South, I was not exposed to a ton of diversity growing up. Meeting people from different cultures has always been important to my education of the world on a global scale, so coming to D.C. has been a dream come true for me. I don't think I have met a single person who was born and raised here. D.C. is the land of transplants, not just from the U.S., but from all around the world.


It is a beautiful thing to be able to walk around and hear different languages, learn about various traditions and get to know people whose background is totally different from mine. Not only is D.C. itself diverse, but TWC also has exposed me to other interns from around the world. I have met people from Japan, South Korea, Sudan and the UK, just from this program alone! From the moment I arrived here, I have recognized and admired D.C.'s wide acceptance of people from all backgrounds and walks of life.


Internship Life

My internship this week has been stocked full of new learning experiences. I have acquired so many new skills that I am thankful to be learning now rather than later. This week, I was in charge of all of the social media posts for my company, Do Good. I have experience working in social media, but running 3 platforms at once is a tough feat, especially paired with other duties my supervisor gave me.


Time management has been a huge part of my learning so far. Along with my internship, I am juggling my evening course and LEAD Colloquium, on top of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, socializing, and TWC's favorite thing, networking. I guess this is what being a real adult is all about.


Evening Course, Colloquium Groups, Professional Track, oh my!

This week was the first time we attended our evening course, mine being Brand Management. I was pretty nervous going into this class; although I am a marketing major, I just finished my freshman year, so most of my course work comprised of general education courses. That being said, I have never actually taken a marketing class before. To my surprise, the first class was absolutely amazing, and I didn't feel lost at all. Our professor was so fun and her resume is stellar. She is the president of CMS Marketing, served as the Senior Vice President of Marketing at First Washington Realty, Inc., as well as being an adjunct professor at Loyola University and Johns Hopkins University. I am so excited to learn more from her and my fellow classmates this summer.


Fridays, believe it or not, are actually my favorite days here at TWC. For those who don't know, instead of reporting to our internship on Fridays, we attend our LEAD Colloquium Groups and Professional Tracks. In this week's LEAD session, we discussed the qualities of a leader and explored our individual strengths and weaknesses in accordance to leadership. LEAD sessions are all about growth and development, and I always step out of class with a new sense of who I am and what my goals are.


The Business and Global Trade track had two events this Friday. The first was taught by our professional track advisor, and he led a workshop discussing the various different ways we can research and conduct our informational interviews. TWC requires us to meet with two different people in our field and interview them over the course of the summer. He gave us some great tips on how to use websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Idealist, etc. to find successful people in our field that we can meet with and learn from. Before this workshop, I was a little worried about who I was going to interview, but our advisor's great tips made me feel much more confident.


The second session featured Caitlin Brosseau, Senior Manager of Government Relations at eBay. Caitlin discussed how technology, specifically the Internet, has evolved into a resource that all businesses, both big and small, can access and utilize. Because of this, micro businesses are able to reach to a much larger and global audience. Caitlin brought up many points about technology and its public policy initiatives that I had not considered before.


Now, For The Fun Stuff

Being the adventurous person I am, I was so happy to find out that my roommates here at TWC are as obsessed with being busy as I am. We are always packing our weekends full with museums, restaurants and activities. D.C. makes it so easy to be overwhelmed with too many things to do because almost everything here is free or very cheap!


This weekend's festivities consisted of kayaking on the Potomac River (casual, right?), dancing the night away at a "silent disco" at Dupont Circle, bumping into a 20-person jazz band at a Metro station, the D.C. Pride Parade, free rooftop yoga, brunch (!!!), and every musical theatre lover's favorite night, The Tony Awards.


We spent Saturday afternoon in my favorite part of D.C., Georgetown. This area embodies so much character, and you can feel the history walking up and down the cobblestone streets. We decided to get a little outdoorsy and get some much needed Vitamin D. As we floated down the Potomac, we spotted the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the Kennedy Center!


Kayaking on the Potomac River


If you have never heard of a silent disco before, do yourself a favor and find one in your area.

It's basically a giant dance party, but instead of listening to all the same music, you bring headphones and dance to whatever music you want to. It was so funny to see everyone dancing to different beats around the Dupont Circle Fountain.

Silent Disco at Dupont Circle


I have never been to a Pride Parade before and was so excited to be able to experience one this year, especially in the nation's capital. It was empowering to see so many people celebrate America's achievement in making this a country where everyone is able to have a voice, without regards to sexual orientation. In wake of certain events, it is with a heavy heart that there are still people in this country who embody so much hatred that they feel it is their duty to take away innocent lives. The Orlando shooting is so much more than a terrorist or gun issue; it is a humanity issue that needs to be addressed and solved.


D.C. Pride Parade


Since I go to brunch at least once a week, I think it would be a good idea to feature a new brunch spot in every blog. After a sweaty yoga class, we decided that we deserved a hearty brunch. We made reservations for a restaurant near Logan Circle at a place called B Too. Donut waffles, croissant waffles, chicken and waffles, French toast waffles... alright, I can't list all of them, but you get the idea. If you love brunch, waffles, or just good food in general, add this to your list!!


Sunday Brunch at B Too


I honestly don't know how it is possible that I am entering my third week as a TWC intern. Time is flying, but you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun! D.C. is an amazing place, full of talented and passionate people, and I could not be happier to call this place home for the summer.


Until next time!


xoxo, Madison K.


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