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Choosing to Be Positive

Rain can be a great thing. It gives you a perfect excuse to stay inside and watch your favorite chick flick or read that book that's been on your shelf for the past five years. Listening to the drops of water falling on the roof and windows is one of the most relaxing sounds. Most people are happy to see rain, especially in the hot summer months when everything needs cooling down.


However, I think I can speak for most when I say that the Fourth of July is the one day out of the year that it's not supposed to rain. As July 4th was quickly approaching, I continuously checked the weather app on my phone only to see the rain chance go from 40%-80% in a matter of days. I nervously brushed the prediction aside, thinking "the weather app is always wrong" and "it will probably rain for an hour and then clear up." Man, was I wrong.


Being in D.C. on the Fourth of July has been something I have been looking forward to since being accepted into TWC. Washington, D.C. is pretty patriotic any day of the year, but being here on the Fourth is next level. I was so excited to spend all day at the parade, hang out with friends and finish off the night by sitting on the National Mall to watch the fireworks show. Well, let's just say that Mother Nature decided to take the reigns.


After a long weekend of 3:00 a.m. National Air and Space Museum adventures (the museum was open all night for their 40th anniversary), a work event, the National Zoo and Mount Vernon, my roommates and I decided to sleep in on the 4th to let our bodies catch up on some well-deserved rest. We woke up that morning (well, maybe it was afternoon) to see only clouds in the sky... no rain...yet. We decided to head down to the parade around 2:00 p.m. The minute we get off the Metro station, it started pouring...and didn't stop.


So, no parade. We headed back to the RAF, wet heads hung low. Long story short, our exciting and outdoorsy Fourth of July turned into eating lots of food, listening to a "'Merica" playlist (created by the one and only Emilly Eccleton and can be found here), and hanging out with friends in our cozy little apartment. In the moment, I was pretty disappointed, and I couldn't help but complain. But looking back at it now, I think I had just as much fun staying inside and singing along to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. On the plus side, the rain finally stopped long enough for us to go to the National Mall to watch the fireworks show.



As I've grown older, I've realized that I can take days like these and think, "Wow, this was my one chance and now it's ruined" OR I can make the conscious decision to always see the positive side of everything. As cheesy as that sounds, it is SO important to have this mindset when coming to D.C. Everyone's TWC internship and DC experience is not going to be perfect. There are going to be frustrating days and disappointing opportunities, but every negative has to be taken with a grain of salt. These are the experiences that you are going to learn from the most.


Now that I've stepped off my soapbox, I'm going to provide you guys with a list of Fourth of July activities to do indoors, just in case Mother Nature wants to come with a vengeance again.


1. Go to a museum

All the Smithsonian museums are open on Independence Day, so if you are ready to face the crowds, this is a great way to stay dry while also learning more about our nation.



2. Watch the Nicholas Cage classic, National Treasure

This may sound like a strange suggestion, but all I know is that my love for America grows a little more every time I watch this movie.




3. Have an indoor BBQ

Make BBQ chicken, ribs, corn on the cob, etc. on a smokeless indoor grill pan.




4. Watch the Capitol Fourth concert and the fireworks show on T.V.

PBS airs both events live for an up-close look at both events.




Although it's not an ideal way to spend the Fourth of July, there are definitely some fun indoor things to do in D.C. Hopefully this list helps next year's summer TWC interns!


That's all for now!

xoxo, Madison K.


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