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10 Not-So-Typical Things To Do In D.C.

My number one goal this summer is to NOT look like a tourist. From the way I walk, to the places I eat, I have tried my best to be "one of the locals" throughout my time in D.C. That being said, I have also tried to make the most of my time by researching creative and fun things to do while in this vibrant city. As I close out my time in the nation's capital (*insert crying faces*), I've decided to compile a list of 10 "Madison-approved" not-so-typical things to do here in D.C.


1. Bike from Alexandria, VA to Mount Vernon (George Washington's estate) & take a boat ride back


Courtesy of Bike and Roll DC

2. Go kayaking or paddleboarding on the Potomac River

Courtesy of Meetup.com


3. See the Capitol Steps political satire show at The Ronald Reagan Building


Courtesy of theblackandwhite.net


4. See a Shakespeare play at The Folger Theatre



5. Bike/hike at Rock Creek Park


Courtesy of rundc.com

6. See an independent film at E Street Cinema

Courtesy of spottedbylocals.com


7. Experience a Washington Nationals baseball game 

Courtesy of espn.go.com


8. See the monuments lit up in all their glory from atop a double-decker bus

Courtesy of goldstar.com



9. Get a Library of Congress card and study in one of the many reading rooms

Courtesy of my wonderful roommate, Skyler Evans (check out her amazing food blog!)


10. See a section of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum


For anyone thinking of being a part of TWC, I would encourage you to do everything! I've said this before, but if you find yourself bored in D.C., you are seriously doing something wrong. Also, don't hold your head down in shame when locals look at you menacingly when you're taking pictures of The Capitol (be prepared because this will happen). Embrace the inner tourist in you!

xoxo, Madison K.

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