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Real-World Experience (Even Before Graduating)

I'm spending my TWC summer interning with Voice of America (VOA), a government-funded news source that provides reports on radio, TV and the Internet. I'm most passionate about broadcast journalism, so I work in the department that produces VOA60.



Each day, my department puts out a 60-second overviews focused on the day's top news stories. We produce these videos for four different categories of news: World, Africa, Elections and America. The best part? As an intern with VOA, I'm able to produce at least one of these news stories every day!


So far, this internship has allowed me to learn and refine my skills in video editing programs like Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. It has also given me the opportunity to try my hand at writing subtitles and deciding what footage is best to show the audience.


All of this experience is building toward my ultimate goal: to become a media correspondent. Since I was a little girl, I have always dreamed of being on TV and seeing my name in lights. Growing up, I was always involved in acting, singing and dancing, and loved being in front of an audience.


As I got closer and closer to college, I realized I was unclear of what I wanted my career to be. With the guidance of my parents, I realized that being a media correspondent is the perfect match for me and my personality.


I love talking to people and hearing their stories. I also love doing everything I can to help those around me, whether on a big or small scale. Being in front of the camera would give me the opportunity to directly communicate to a mass audience and even the power to sway their feelings on a story.


At Delaware State University, where I am a rising senior, I have gained experience as the program director for the campus radio station, the periscope manager for the campus television station and, this fall, I will be the senior producer for the campus T.V. station. All of these jobs have taught me how to manage a team of people and maintain strong group communication, in order to have a good result. From my VOA internship to my on-campus experiences, I am so excited to have had all of these wonderful opportunities that will prepare me for my career.


Throughout the internship matching process and during your internship, I definitely encourage you to be vocal about what it is you want to do and get out of the internship. I once had an internship with a national public radio station, and some days I wouldn’t do anything but sit in the office. I made friends with a couple of the employees, so before I would leave each day I began telling them, “I’ll be coming in again tomorrow, so let me know if you have something I can work on.” Since I was vocal, I was able to write a news article that was published online, and I also got to record a voiceover for television.


I decided to not let this internship at VOA be any different. I spoke to my supervisor about my career goals and how my overall goal is to be a media correspondent. As a result, he is going to allow me to do some work in front of the camera during my summer here. I can’t wait! #ClosedMouthsDon’tGetFed

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