The Opportunities Available to You

The Opportunities Available to You

This past Sunday, I kicked off my week by heading to NBCUniversal to attend a live taping of "Meet The Press." What an incredible experience this was!



Last week, my TWC professional track instructor told the class he had tickets for 20 people to view a live taping of "Meet The Press.” My focus in school is TV, radio and film, and my career goal is to become a media correspondent, so going to NBCUniversal seemed like the chance of a lifetime. As soon as I received the email about the opportunity, I immediately registered.

For those of you who may not know what a professional track class is, I’ll explain it to you. When you enter The Washington Center, you choose a focus (much like you would choose a major in college). I chose Media and Communications as my professional track. On Fridays, we meet with our professional track, where we get to know other students with the same professional focus and participate in activities that help us get to know our field.

We had to be at NBCUniversal by 8:35 a.m. and show time was 9:00 a.m. sharp. It was so cool to see the production crew, roundtable discussion and the host, Chuck Todd, especially when he conducted interviews with people who were in a remote location. Watching the live taping at NBCUniversal reminded me of working at the TV station at my university. All of the components of the production were the same: on-air talent, camera man, stage manager and the tech crew. In this moment, I felt good about my decision to get my degree at Delaware State University because I know I am learning what I need to know in the broadcasting field post-graduation.

On this episode of “Meet The Press," the main focus was politics and Brexit. My favorite part of the show was when Chuck Todd interviewed the chairman of the Trump campaign, Paul Manafort. Todd asked him a couple of questions regarding Trump, and Manafort would not directly answer the questions. As a result, Todd kept going back to the question to try to get an answer out of Manafort. This was entertaining to watch, but it also allowed me to see how far you can go to get information as an interviewer.

After the show, we all had a chance to take a picture with Chuck Todd and ask him questions. He was very friendly and down to earth. I had some people take pictures of me outside of the building with the NBCUniversal sign and Chuck Todd walked right passed us, got in his car and left. It definitely made us go "Hmm...he’s just a regular person, like us! He just happens to be on TV." This was clearly a great opportunity, and I am so glad I took advantage of it.


Below is a clip from the taping I attended of "Meet The Press."


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