Keeping Track of My D.C. Experience

Keeping Track of My D.C. Experience

Right now I'm sitting in New York, writing this last blog post of the summer and while the city is gorgeous, dynamic and well worth the rave, I can't seem to be able to put Washington D.C. quite past me. My time in D.C. has been so rich and eventful that it seems unreal that it's all over now.


Having extensively written about my internship at Manchester Trade and my personal experience being in a city like D.C., I realized there was one more role that I played in D.C. that really marked my time there: being a blogger for TWC. Writing almost a blog post a week during my time in D.C. has been the perfect way to record my time and growth in D.C.


To preface, writing a blog post every week wasn't as easy as I first thought. When the week passes with a full-time internship, courses at night and then LEAD Colloquium events lined up on Fridays, it's sometimes easy to go through the summer without taking any time to stop and reflect about the week. And in all honesty, there were many weeks I looked back and genuinely thought, "Man, I barely got through this week." But in having to sit down to write a blog post, I realized that whether consciously or not, I was always learning, if not observing. There was always something in the week that made me angry, made me happy, made me confused, or feel another whole host of emotions.


Writing for TWC made me realize that there's always something to learn during even the most typical week, but only if you take the time to pry it out of yourself. Oftentimes I sat with my friends and asked them, "What's the last rant that I went on?" Cities as dynamic as Washington D.C. exposed me to so many different viewpoints and types of people, prompting me to react accordingly. These reactions in turn helped me determine the growth I was experiencing and the blogs provided a platform for me to manifest my thoughts into words.


Growth is continuous and I don't think that the types of growth I experienced was by any means limited to D.C. I did learn, however, that if I really push myself, I can learn consciously what I'm learning unconsciously. Blogging for TWC has been a testament to the value of tracking one's growth over the course of the summer, while also figuring out one's opinions and attitudes. So I thank you, TWC, for this opportunity to find myself through these blog posts and for you, the audience for following me through this great journey.




J. Lee

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