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D.C. Nightlife: A Review

I sat up in bed last night and told Rick I'd dreamt that I'd written a review of D.C. nightlife, with contributions from a bunch of our friends, and it was super, super awesome. I asked him if I should write it for real. He snored in response, but it was a very supportive snore and so I decided I'd better get started.


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Nightlife in the district of all districts, where's a guy to begin? Probably with a minor confession: I'm not twenty-one. That's right, it really was a minor confession. I'm a supple young buck I am, a mere twenty years old. I won't hit that magic twenty-one until February 3rd, 2017. I consider myself age-challenged. It's a manageable ailment, with only one primary symptom: my natural tendency to "party hardy" is inhibited. But between you and me, I don't actually like to "party hardy" too much anyways, so I don't mind that part. Am I saying that right, though? "Party hardy?"




What I do mind is that D.C.'s nightlife is kind of discriminatory regarding age-challenged folks like myself. That's a heavy word to level against a whole city, so, bar- and club-owners who are reading this (of which there's bound to be several), you can thank [REDACTED] for its usage. They're the ones who wouldn't let me in on a Wednesday afternoon to buy some chicken wings, purely on account of my age.


I showed up with my friends for wing night, as advertised, but on our approach I saw a grumpy guy sitting on a barstool by the door. I knew right then that trouble was a-brewin'. The sky darkened overhead. The birds left the trees.


He asked to see our I.D.'s.


I looked at the outdoor seating area, where everyone was at their tables, eating and talking, like people do on Wednesday afternoons, and asked him "why?" He mumbled out an answer so deeply unsatisfying that I instantly forgot it. Can't even record it here 'cause it's just gone from my memory.


I wasn't allowed in, long story short, so we went to the pizzeria across the street. It was pretty good pizza, but all I tasted was disappointment. From where we sat, I could see all the fine people at [REDACTED] gnawing at their wings, wiping sauce from their faces, having a great time.


That's what I mean when I say it's discriminatory. But getting barred from a Wednesday Wing Night isn't exactly a review of D.C. nightlife, now is it? And I promised you a review of D.C. nightlife, now didn't I?


Well, I hate to break it to you, but I'm not really qualified to give that review. I'm too bitter. Too jaded. This is actually the part where I hand over the mic to some other interns and get their voices in on this. I'll just be back here asking questions in very authoritative bolded type.


What do you think of D.C. nightlife, Aaron?


"Ummm, I don't know. Nightlife in D.C. is the bee's knees; lot's of young, hip people ready to get down."


Is that really your answer?


"More realistically, I'd say it's unlike anything I've seen in the country. There is so much energy throughout the city, so many options, so many places to see, you could go out every night and never hit the same place twice."


Rick, what do you think?


"Nightlife in D.C. caters to whatever kind of nightlife person you are. Want to go out and dance the night away? Clubs and bars are plentiful. Not big into that? The National Mall at night is a sight to see. There's always something to do no matter what you feel like."


You're absolutely right about the National Mall. There's nothing like basking in Lincoln's illuminated glory.



Madison, you're not 21, but I'd like to hear your take, too.


"I think being under 21 in D.C. has been challenging in some cases, but there are so many other things to do in D.C. rather than go out. We usually pack our days with so much that by the time night comes around, we'd rather just chill. Those nights have been the most fun and memorable for me."


(By the way, Madison is also a TWC blogger, and you should check her blog out here -- it's awesome)


Okay, intern who asked to remain anonymous, your turn.


"D.C. nightlife is average and expensive. The bars have more levels, but the experience is just like anywhere else. There's more options, but at the end of the day it's what you make it. It would be cool if there was an area in the RAF where students could just hang out and interact, without having to worry about keeping the noise level down."


And lastly, we come to you, Emily. Thanks for being so patient. You just turned twenty. Welcome to the age-challenged club. How do you like D.C. nightlife?


"I think D.C. nightlife is hard when you aren't 21, especially if all your friends are older. Although I'm not super into clubbing, the D.C. bar scene is alluring, and I like good food and good company more. It's also tricky when coffee shops close early here, because I can't hang out at those like I normally do at home."


I feel ya, Emily. I too love coffee shops.


Well, I'm back to my regular type. Goodbye boldness, goodbye friends! I hope this little review was enlightening. I enjoyed the diversity of opinion, and I don't know about you, but I feel a lot better about being underage in D.C. It turns out there are still things you can do.


See you next week!



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