The Halfways in Life

The Halfways in Life

Captain's Log, Day 55

I have woken up once again in this new location. The natives are now beginning to trust me; I have found peace in their words and have tried to adjust to their lifestyle. It is now sunny here, and the warmth is comforting as I journey to and from work every day.


Currently, we are halfway through the program; I cannot believe that we have already come so far. All the buildup, the time, the money; it was all depending on this semester. Washington D.C. has been enjoyable, no doubt about that. But, to know that this is just temporary is kind of sad. That is why I have dedicated this blog post to the halfways in life.


*Note: The human mind actually works in 2’s and 3’s, which mathematically is not really halfway of anything, unless you multiply it or something. Just a thought.


I thought I would start off by listing a couple of things that we remember in halfway points.


1. Cake or pie

2. Birthdays

3. Thanksgiving

4. Semesters

5. Mid-Life crisis

6. Movies


The good thing about halfway points is that they give us perspective into where we are going and where we currently are. A halfway point gives power to whomever can seize it, and if done correctly, can drastically improve your situation. So, from now on when considering how you have reach the halfway point of anything, consider 3 things:


1. How have you made the bulk of your time socially and educationally?

Attempting an internship and maintaining a social life is a delicate balance. I have taken every week to meet with different professionals, write blogs posts, plan weekends, workout or prepare for class. Even at my internship, I changed departments not just because I wanted to, but because it was time. Understand that D.C. is really a city where there is always more to do around the corner. Every weekend, there is always something buzzing in the air.


2. Where are you going and where have you been?

Have you just been going out too often or not enough? While in D.C., I have been to two festivals, about 20 different restaurants, 1 parade, a cherry blossom festival, Philadelphia, 6 different museums and (soon) skydiving. In eight short weeks, I have lived more life then I ever expected coming to D.C. Hear me when I say, take advantage of it while you're here!


3. Who in your life has gotten you to this point and how can you reconnect with them?

I never realized how many people can cheer you on. You just have to make sure you stay in contact with as many people as possible. Be open, friendly, and flexible because at TWC, the future world leaders are in our midst. Make sure you give your everything and more.


So, in general, I am just trying to say that wherever you are and wherever you go in the near future, you will be pressed for time. These undergraduate years are the few remaining that we have an opportunity to explore and grow to our fullest potential.

TWC Student Spotlight: Erekle Tsamalashvili

Erekle (also known as AK) is student, former RA, financial expert,

and the only Georgian of TWC. Let's see how he is doing!

I have learned so much about the financial field at my internship site. I finally understand how to write a preliminary diligence report and a business plan. My company is not big, which I like, because I am close to CEO and learn a lot from him. This is the work that I want to do long-term, so The Washington Center internship showed me what I might become in the future. I still have a long way to go, but this internship has been motivation for me and shows me what I need to work on to succeed in this field. After this internship, I will go back to my college and finish the last year of my undergraduate studies. This year is going to be tough for me because I need to work on my thesis, but I think that the experience and knowledge that I got from The Washington Center program is going to motivate me to complete my year successfully.


My advice for the future interns is to make as many connections as you can, work hard and enjoy your time in D.C.


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