Green Eggs and TWC

Green Eggs and TWC

Oh The Washington Center. Is it already time? If so, let me express my feelings in rhyme.


The end is in sight, and I cannot believe that I am about to take a returning flight.


I took my place, ascended to throne, and I feel grown. But now I go back like ET phone home.


Been working for no pay at OAG, but still I felt free.


Saturday is my last day, and I cannot wait to finally get a real payday.


I have been close to music but closer to people. Didn’t meet them all, wish there could be a sequel.


This semester went so fast it was crazy and there was no room to be lazy, not a single moment of this semester was hazy.


I can’t but be amazed how un-phased and unchanged some people were through this program.


The Washington Center took me in and introduced me to whole new fam and BAM thats a community with gratuity.


I have been blogging and logging and staying fit by jogging, everyone with the weights always be hogging.


Time and time again, I would hit the gym trying to stay slim.


Would keep my eye on the ball as to not fall behind, that I would truly mind.


I would walk through the city just hoping to find someone that is hiring and it was tiring (hopefully I wouldn’t be involved in none of the firing).


TWC gave me dreams and aspirations, as I am still trying to Uber to my final destination.


Without hesitation out of Union Station or was it Metro Center?


I am trying to enter into the summer but today it is cold, so I am told.


It’s Sunday, supposed to be funday, but I am in my apartment wondering if I can leave one day.


While in D.C. the times have been groovy, I just wish work didn’t make me so snoozy.


A full time gig is tough, I didn’t think it would be this rough.


My back hurts from sitting, feel like I am stuck somewhere knitting.


They say “go get a job, you need to make money,” but I react and detract from that, maybe I am just too punny. Good thing my puns are always still funny.


People have been walking and talking this entire semester.


Their doors and opportunities don’t seem to me any lesser.


Maybe we are all home sick? But I am just here saying “Frick!”


My time is ending, but hashtag #twc will forever be trending for every book I was lending, every group message I kept sending, and re-sending if it was pending.


My words to those around me I meant wholeheartedly, and in one semester I met so many from different universities.


Thank you TWC for the time past and present, and when people ask me what I will be representing, presenting and professionally supplementing?


I will show respect to the epicenter that is The Washington Center.



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