The Art of Professional Headshots

The Art of Professional Headshots

The headshot: the professional visual of the world.

We see its importance in LinkedIn, resumes, IDs and award ceremonies. The year 2016 is one when headshots have become a nicety. To go into any field, you need at least one professional picture that really strikes the viewers. You must be ready with multiple shots that are professional and appropriate. In this blog post, I am going to show you some headshots of mine and how to use them.


The Good Ones


#1: Before TWC, I had this one good headshot


This headshot still is one of my favorites. It was my very first, and I had it taken for free at my school. It is simple and can be used in a lot of settings. The only bad thing about this shot is that EVERYONE has a similar headshot. It is very common, and you can’t really see me very well.


#2: The Event-specific Shot


This is a shot from a musical performance with my a capella group. This one I like because it says I know how to dress, and it lives and breathes music. Though it has been edited, I really like it and do not regret using it. However, I also would only post it on music-related sites and applications.


#3: The "Working-with-Others" shot


This photo is from the TOMODACHI program, and it shows me interacting with another student. I would recommend this one for an award ceremony or when you want to highlight an event. Just something to consider if any employer ever requests a photo of you for your involvement.


#4: The "Look like I Am Really Important" shot

The headshot below was taken at our SMLS event with Madeline Albright and shows me presenting my question. This is a good shot, showing that I am studious and can attract attention.


These next shots are from two different photo booths. I could use one of these for an ID or a profile picture.



The Bad Ones


To start off, I will highlight some "don'ts" of headshots:
No alcohol
No revealing clothing
No vacation shots
No selfies
No low-quality images

#1: This shot is a selfie. DON’T DON’T DON’T ever use a selfie


#2: This shot is too casual for a headshot


#3: This shot has too many people


#4: This shot is cool, but unprofessional


#5: Leave it on Facebook, but don't use it for ANYTHING professional


Overall, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. If you "overdo" your headshot, or you don't put the effort into taking a professional one, you are at risk of missing out on opportunities!

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