The Final Weekend

The Final Weekend

My last weekend in Washington, D.C. has finally arrived, and I didn’t even spend it in the city. Well, that may be because in my time here, I fell in love with another city. That city is Annapolis, the state capital of Maryland. Now, I may be biased because my boyfriend goes to school there, but I simply see that as a perk; the city itself is so beautiful and full of history. Annapolis is made up of two parts: the city and the historic downtown harbor. The historic harbor is my favorite part. It is always filled with sailboats and is muddled with quaint shops and restaurants. Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend and some help from my TWC roommate, I had an incredible, fun-filled weekend.


Farmers Benny

I'm still dreaming about the orange juice...


It began with a trip around some antique shops and art galleries in Annapolis. We then moved on to the Naval Academy for a stroll and then to the biggest surprise of the day, a huge boat show! Some of the world's nicest luxury catamarans and sailboats, all fit for royalty, free for me to tour and later dream of owning. Before conquering the boat show, we indulged in some of the best breakfast money can buy in Maryland, at a place called Iron Rooster. The orange juice was freshly squeezed (a small taste of home for this Florida girl) and my Farmer’s Benny was just what the doctor ordered.


Annapolis Boat Show 2016

Annapolis Boat Show 2016


By the time we finished breakfast, the morning mist had subsided, the sun came out and the touring began. In between sailboats, we moseyed through the rows of vendors, tasted wines and had some famous Pusser’s Rum. After we had seen it all, we decided there would be no better way to end the day than with some Maryland crab. So off to Jimmy Cantler’s Riverside Inn we went. This is one of our favorite spots. It is located on the bank of the Severn River and serves the freshest fish and crab around. I even have pictures to prove it! Below is our marvelous meal: A giant crab stuffed mushroom for me and fried shrimp for him. If you find yourself out at Cantler’s, be sure to poke around underneath the restaurant where their fishery lies. You may even be lucky enough to witness the selection process: they bring the crabs in from the boat and hand select them to be your dinner. Talk about fresh! If you are there in the evening, be sure to stay for a beautiful sunset over the river.


Cantlers Dinner

Food to die for...

literally, crabs died to make this meal.


Sunday was a bit chaotic to say the least. Trying to get my car prepared for the drive home, get gas and make it into the city for a surprise brunch with all of my TWC friends was a bit stressful. Both my boyfriend and my roommate put this brunch together: it was a celebration for those of us set to graduate, a birthday brunch for me and a going-away party all wrapped into one event. It was very bittersweet. I will miss everyone so very much, but I am also indifferent at the same time. I am overwhelmed with excitement about going home for my college graduation and starting a new chapter of my life. Unfortunately, no time for tears! I had assignments to turn in, clothes to gather, a car to pack and an eleven-hour drive home!


Whether the topic was food, advice or just general banter, I would like to personally thank you for following my experiences as I lived and worked in Washington, D.C. over the last four months. Please continue to follow me as I take the next step, head home for graduation and my readjustment my not-so-big-city.






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