An Afternoon With The Pooches

An Afternoon With The Pooches

With the semester in D.C. coming to a close (only two and a half weeks left!!), assignments are piling up and due dates are near. So, that means that I’ll have to stop procrastinating and commit to getting things done. One of our LEAD Colloquium assignments that is due on Friday is to engage in at least 5 hours of direct service, so I chose to volunteer for the Rural Dog Rescue (RDR) team as a new dog handler.


*Note: During the course of the semester, there are several TWC LEAD Colloquium assignments that students have to complete, and these will be included in the final TWC portfolio. The portfolio is meant to provide the opportunity to showcase your accomplishments during your semester in D.C. We did things like conduct informational interviews, write reflection papers discussing social action surrounding issues of public concern, edit our resumes effectively through the 4-stage process and engage in direct service.


Two-day Volunteering Session With The Rural Dog Rescue

Unfortunately, I had to split my volunteering hours into two days (Saturday and Sunday) because there were no more slots on the first day for me to complete my required hours. But, having my hours divided into two consecutive days was actually a nice option because I didn’t have to serve the full 5 hours. Don’t get me wrong: getting to handle these four-legged friends was super awesome, but being on your feet for the full 5 service hours, not so much.


On my first day of volunteering as a dog handler for RDR’s adoption event, I was given a quick briefing about what to expect and do while in service. After that, all the volunteers where given volunteer vests and told to get ready to engage with the dogs. This was the exciting part, of course. We got to meet unfortunate dogs from high-kill shelters that are in need of homes. The point of the event was to showcase them during the adoption event, in hopes that someone would adopt them. We walked a couple blocks away from the adoption event to pick up the dogs at Wagtime (a boarding/day-care pet store). Four dogs were placed under our care: Annie, Piper, Rocky, and Brewster.


The adoption event was held outside Howl to the Chief pet store


Basically, my job was to hold my assigned dog and be ready to interact with potential adopters, informing them about the dog’s background and the adoption process. My assigned dog was Annie, a 3-year-old Foxhound mix. She’s a sweetheart that loves having walks around the block!


Meet Annie!


Overall, it was not the hardest job per se; there isn’t really much to do except keep an eye on the dogs while talking with passerbys about the adoption process. I would love to volunteer more in the near future at animal shelters to expand my animal-handling experience. The Rural Dog Rescue does a fantastic job by hosting adoption events every weekend in hopes of saving the lives of dogs that are at risk of being euthanized. So, being able to participate in their work is a humbling experience. I wish these dogs well and hope they will all find good homes in due time.


My second day involved carrying out the same duties, which was was easier now that I knew what to expect. My assigned dog for the second day was Pearl, a 1-year-old Feist mix. She was a playful little black pup that loves people as much as she loves being petted. On the second day, we had more dogs to showcase: seven in total, including some from the day before.


Meet Pearl!



If you love cupcakes, D.C. is your city. It has the best cupcakes ever. I know I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I intend to go cupcake hunting before the semester ends, but that has not happened yet. However, it’s funny how I still got to taste several cupcakes from different stores through events I went to during my time in D.C. I guess since the city is famous for its cupcakes, they’re the staple food for company events and parties. I’ve had cupcakes from famous cupcakes stores such as Georgetown Cupcakes, Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats, and Sprinkles. So. my cupcake hunt was pretty much accomplished without any conscious effort! Of course, if I wanted to, there’s still so many more cupcake stores around D.C. to try. So, we’ll see about that.


Backing up, my first attempt at cupcake hunting landed me in Baked & Wired (through a friend’s recommendation), which is a family-owned store located in the Georgetown area. This store has a wide range of cupcake flavors with rather unique names, such as Dirty Chai and Razmanian Devil. As always, me and my friends decided to order different flavors so we could trade a bite with each other. We got the classic strawberry, flapjack, red velvet and pistachio. When we arrived at the store, there was already a long line and that was a pretty obvious sign that these cupcakes were going to be great. Once we got our cupcakes to-go, we headed to a nearby national historical park and sat on the benches to eat our cupcakes while enjoying a view of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.





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