5 Things To Do Before Your Internship Ends

5 Things To Do Before Your Internship Ends

This is crazy, but I’m finally down to the last week of my internship, classes and TWC programming. I cannot believe that it’s come down to the last of everything! It’s funny how I’m actually feeling rather bittersweet about it all. The last two weeks have been pretty rough on me; I’ve been spending most of my time trying to finish up my final internship project and TWC assignments, which are all due this week. I’m really glad that I’m almost done with them so I can spend more time exploring the parts of D.C. that I haven’t gotten to yet.


I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I still have a couple more sites to cover, so hopefully I’ll be able to get that done this weekend since I’ll be heading to Texas next Tuesday for my graduation ceremony.


I’m almost done?!


Since it's my last week of everything, I thought I’d do a blog post focusing on how to end the semester well. Being so caught up with my assignments, I didn’t realize that there are also other important things that I have to do before leaving D.C. and so, I thought I’d provide you guys with a list of things you should get checked off once you’re done with your internship.

By this point in the semester, we’re probably all just ready to abandon our 9-5 lifestyles and move on to the next thing. For some, it means going back to their home institution to finish up the remaining semesters they have, but for me, I’m excited to get back for graduation (though I’m also a little anxious about it). During this transition, don’t forget to leave with a lasting and positive impression. Don’t just count down the days to the final day of internship - you want to make the most of what is left and leave with a BANG! So, here’s some suggestions on how to end your internship right.


1. Ask Your Intern Supervisor For Feedback

This is crucial if you want to know what you can change or improve on your next job/internship. Feedback is good because it helps you understand how you’ve affected the company so you can build your goals for your next professional experience. You’ll also learn your strengths and weakness. Additionally, by asking for feedback, you are showing that you truly care and wants to improve for the better to succeed. This certainly a good way to leave on a positive note.



2. Stay Connected

Building networks is SO important. You’ve probably made your own solid list of networks over the semester. Therefore, you should not have to throw away all your efforts on the contacts you’ve made. Continue to gather business cards and connect with people you’ve met through LinkedIn. You never know when you might need a referral. If you ever decide to go back to the same company for employment, you certainly want to stay connected with your internship supervisor who may provide you with a referral.



3. Secure A Reference Or Two

Having references from your current internship is a great way to show future employers that you have proof from a former boss that you were an asset to the team. You can either ask them for hard copy or request they do a recommendation through LinkedIn. Also, if you’re asking for a recommendation letter, request that it be general based on your performance rather than one that is tailored specifically for a future job. This way, you can use it on any job application in the future. But do make sure you ask whoever it is if they are comfortable with serving as your reference.



4. Update Your Resume

Congratulations on making significant contributions to the company you have been interning at. Now, it’s time to enhance your resume with all your hard work from your internship and those direct service hours that you’ve accomplished. But guys, don’t just list things you’ve done; also show how, through a task at your internship, you’ve impacted the company in a positive way. That is definitely something employers are looking out for.



5. Say Thank You

Thanking your supervisors, professors and anyone that was involved in your great internship experience while in D.C. is crucial. So, before you clear out your cubicle and leave, make sure you go around and thank everyone that you’ve worked with. For those whom you’ve worked with more closely throughout the internship, a sincere handwritten note to express your sincere gratitude will bring a personal touch and it’s something that would be very much appreciated.



And there you have it guys, once you’ve checked everything off this list, you can officially call it a wrap! And that’s how you end your internship with a BANG!




For one of my food hunting adventures, I decided to head down to Toki Underground on H Street Corridor for lunch. Toki was actually a recommendation from my professor before I came to D.C. and so I decided to give it a try. I actually passed this little restaurant a couple times before actually finding it. It’s located upstairs, and the entrance is really easy to miss.


*Note: You’ll often have to put your name down on the waiting list, as the restaurant is really small and seating isn’t abundant. Depending on the crowd, the wait can be between 30 minutes to an hour. So, don’t come super hungry! But they do take cell numbers to text/call you when you’re up next, so that’s great.


When I was finally seated after waiting 30 minutes, I browsed through their menu and settled on their noodle option. I was super happy with my choice, which was the Fried Chicken Dan Dan Mien. My professor was right about them being one of the best ramen places in the city! So, if you’re looking for good ramen joints in D.C., I say give Toki Underground a go.


Watch out for that blue sign on the door!




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