Luncheons with the Professionals

Luncheons with the Professionals

Hello, readers! It's Friday yet again! Another week has gone by in the blink of an eye and March has arrived, but time flies when you're having fun, so the saying goes.


Let's dive in, shall we?


The Internship

This week has been a rather laid back one for my internship; half of the week was spent outside of the office. This was great for me because I have been looking forward to interacting more with people on the Hill and being integrated more into that side of the lobbying process.


On Tuesday, the five of us interns were tasked with venturing onto the Hill - a 25-minute walk from the RAF - so we could drop invitations off at many House members' offices. The invitations were for a luncheon for the newly-established School Safety Caucus that my internship sites' client was hosting the next day.


We decided to tackle these as a group and divide them among each person by floor. It was not as intimidating as I expected it to be - nothing ever is. Whenever you go into an office or call an office on the Hill, the person you're most likely talking to is also an intern, and they just want you to go away as quickly as possible. It sounds terrible, but it's actually super comforting when you're in my position.


Here's my embarrassing moment I told you would happen last week:


I walked into one office where there was no intern at the front desk. Instead, a staffer came out. I gave her the invitation along with my short spiel, and she said that the person I had told her to give the invitation to was no longer working there. Awkwaaaaard. She then asked if I meant to give it to their education legislative assistant, and I said, "I'm not sure, I'm just doing what I was told." Probably not the best answer to give, but it seemed like a pretty good way to fix the situation. I think (hope) it worked.


The Luncheon

On Wednesday, we spent the day on the Hill again to attend this luncheon. My vision for this luncheon was that there were going to be several round tables spread across a big banquet hall. Around the room there would be important people mingling and politicking with each other while I just stood against the wall to avoid speaking out of turn.


Reality was way more casual than in my vision. It was held in a small room in the Rayburn House Office building, with several chairs lined up in rows. Then, to the right side of the room up against the wall, were tables with various bagged lunches, sodas, and bottles of water. I thought Congress would be a bit more refined than this. Like, am I really going to eat an Italian sandwich and BBQ chips on my lap? Yes, Katie, you are.


It felt strange eating a field trip-style lunch on my lap, dressed in formal business attire, at a congressional event. It completely diminished any coolness I felt going into this luncheon, but even paid staff members were doing it, so my dignity remained partially intact. And least we had a wide array of sandwiches to choose from and a giant cookie in our bags! #priorities


The actual panel discussion was informative and enlightening on the subject of school security. Rep. Rick Larsen of Washington and Rep. Susan Brooks of Indiana, the founders of the School Safety Caucus, made opening remarks. This is what your representative does at work, people. Here's Congresswoman Brooks during her speech:


See the classy bagged lunch next to the guy at the front? I wasn't lying!


During the panel discussion (the man on the far left was POTUS' first choice for Director of the TSA!), we had to take notes as if we were "freshman in a college lecture," as my internship supervisor put it. At the end of the day, we each wrote a memo from our notes and emailed it to our boss. That's adulting, right there.



My favorite part about today's TWC programming was the professional headshots.


From 10 am until 2 pm, anyone could walk into the fitness center - no registration needed - and get a professional headshot taken. With a legitimate photographer. And a legitimate backdrop.


I had to relive the horror of yearbook pictures all over again for 30 seconds, but it's definitely worth it to trick out my new LinkedIn page. And yes, I definitely just got excited over LinkedIn - this is TWC's influence!


Katie's Corner

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's time for my weekly restaurant recommendation!


This week, I have chosen not a restaurant per se. It's even better than that. It's...




This is not just any ice cream. This is Thomas Sweet ice cream. It's known around town that Thomas Sweet is President Obama's favorite place to go for ice cream in D.C.


And if that's not reason enough to hit up Thomas Sweet, they have more flavors of ice cream than JFK had mistresses- PLUS fudge, chocolate, frozen yogurt, and pastries. This little gem is in Georgetown, right on the corner of Wisconsin and P Street.


If all this talk has made your sweet tooth ache, I've done my job right. Sorry not sorry.


That's all I have for you this week! I hope you continue to tune in and I hope it gives you a good taste of what life at TWC really looks like. If there's something in particular you'd like me to discuss in a future blog post, feel free to leave a comment below.


Until next week.


- K


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