D.C.'s Famous Cherry Blossoms

D.C.'s Famous Cherry Blossoms

As I'm writing this blog entry, the sun is shining through the window, and I can see all the happy people walking outside the RAF in t-shirts and jeans. It's finally (officially) spring and D.C.'s famous cherry blossoms are in full bloom. This is my favorite part of the season. The cherry blossoms serve as a bright spot amongst the many rainy days, and just make you feel all fuzzy inside because they're so beautiful.


On Wednesday, the first day that the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom, I went to the Tidal Basin with a friend. This was a great idea, but a great idea that pretty much everyone else in D.C. had, especially the tourists (another thing that's in full bloom this season).


Despite all the people there and the crowded trail around the Tidal Basin, it was really a sight to see, and I shamelessly took pictures of everything.




(Note the long trail of humans behind us.)


You never realize how much walking it takes to get around the Tidal Basin until you're at the end. According to my phone, just in the hour and a half that I was at the National Mall, I walked 4 miles. My legs hated me the next day, but it was totally worth it.


Simpson-Mineta Leadership Series (SMLS)

I told you guys last week that we would be seeing Madeleine Albright speak last Friday, and indeed we did. I did not go into this SMLS session psyched to hear what the Former Secretary of State had to say because we differ in political ideology, and what she said not too long ago about "a special place in Hell for women who don't support other women" had irked me quite a bit.


However, I was happily surprised at Ms. Albright and what she had to say. This woman is spunky, has a great sense of humor and loved to wear different pins/brooches when she was Secretary to let people know what kind of mood she was in that day. Here's a story she shared from her tenure as Secretary:


Press Secretary: "Madeleine, don't you think the South Korean prime minister should be fired for what he said about you?"

Albright: "What did he say?"

Press Secretary: "He said that you two were the same age, and that he was an old man but every time he hugged you, you had such firm breasts."

Albright: "Well, what do you think keeps all my pins up?"


Besides her amusing personality, I agreed with much of what she said about America's place in the world and general foreign policy - when America is engaged, good things happen, and when America is not engaged, bad things happen.


My Week

This week has been slowly leading up to a long weekend. Everyone I know is going home or traveling somewhere with friends, so my roommate and I have the apartment to ourselves for three days.


It was an unusual four days at work because my internship supervisor was out sick for two days, and on one of those days the boss was out at meetings, so the interns were left alone to wreak havoc in the office. Don't worry, I was responsible and did my work. In fact, one of the other interns and I finished a project that was just sent to the client yesterday because it was that good. That's what I love about my internship - the work I do is important and if I put in the effort, my work products will be sent to the client and will make a difference.


Last night I had my class, Mass Media and American Politics: Road to the White House 2016, and we had a very special guest. Jay Newton-Small came to talk to us about her book, Broad Influence: How Women are Changing the Way America Works, and we got to ask her a lot of questions about it.


This woman is so cool! I hadn't heard of her until we were assigned to read two of her articles, one of which I highly recommend. The article talks about how the Senate is much more effective since women became 20% of its body, and it's largely due to the natural attributes of women - Senator Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington, is paradigmatic of this phenomenon. You just have to read it, okay?


The author told us that women passed 75% of legislation last session. You hear so much about how Congress is dysfunctional and ineffective, but this golden nugget of information on how women make the Senate more effective is just so uplifting. She and my professor expect women to be a majority of the Congress in my generation's lifetime. I'm a little more doubtful of this, but perhaps I'm just cynical.


Katie's Corner

It was just today that I discovered what my weekly food recommendation would be. I was walking down Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown when I thought, "Hmm... I could really go for a super chocolately cupcake right now."


There are three cupcake places in this area - Sprinkles, Georgetown Cupcakes, and Baked & Wired. I've had all three, and for me, Sprinkles isn't special because they're all over Los Angeles. Georgetown Cupcakes is good, but the line is typically out the door and the amount of flavors mixed with my indecisiveness is a nightmare.


Baked & Wired it was!


I got one Chocolate Doom and Red Velvet "cakecup." I ate the Chocolate Doom too fast to be able to take a picture, but here an enticing image of the Red Velvet flavor:



Baked & Wired is more popular to D.C. natives than any other cupcake shop. For one, it's not as widely known and it's hidden from tourists down on Thomas Jefferson Street. Second, the cupcakes are huge, it's hip with Vegan flavors, and they have a coffee bar attached. As the website perfectly describes it, their cupcakes are "whimsical" and "rustic."


That concludes the speeches for this evening. Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!


Until next week.


- K


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