The Best Intern Housing You'll Ever Have

The Best Intern Housing You'll Ever Have

Hello... it's me, your trusty intern blogger. This week, I'm going to discuss housing because for those of you who are prospective students, you probably have a lot of questions about it; I know I did.



So, I live at the Residential and Academic Facility (RAF) at NoMa. The RAF was my first preference because I knew that this is the building that houses most of the TWC students. This is a major upside of living at the RAF - being around all the other interns. It's like being a freshman in the college dorms again!


But do not let the dorm comment mislead you. All of TWC housing is made up of apartments. After all, the RAF is a "professional living environment," so the apartments have full kitchens, a washer and dryer unit, dishes/utensils/cookware and private bathrooms.


Here's what my apartment and bedroom looked like on Move-In Day:





I was honestly surprised at how nice the apartment was when I walked in for the first time. Of course, the pictures that TWC provides are great, but being the skeptical person I am, I wasn't sure how truly representative the pictures would be.


However, the apartments do vary slightly in size. Some have balconies and some don't. A few have islands in the kitchen and others do not. Mine is a pretty average size with no balcony but a lovely view of the front of the building (remember my sunset pic a couple weeks back?) Some apartments' bathrooms even have bathtubs, but sadly mine does not ): There are pros and cons to each individual apartment because they're all a little bit different.


One recommendation I will give you is to bring or buy a mattress pad. I will be honest with you here: the mattresses are not that comfortable. They're definitely tolerable without one, but on move-in day I went to Target and bought a mattress pad because I think it's worth 3.5 months of comfortability. You won't regret it!


Other Housing Options


1) Elevation

There are two other buildings very close to the RAF that TWC also uses. I know interns who live at Elevation, which is right next to the NoMa metro station, and they love it.


The only complaint I've heard from Elevation residents is the necessary, but short walk to the RAF for classes and Friday programming. Plus, you don't get to live around as many of the other TWC interns, but some told me this was worth it to get the even nicer apartments. It's all about your personal preference.


2) Forfeiting TWC Housing

I know of only two people who decided not to use TWC housing, one of whom I work with at The Chwat Group. He chose not to live in NoMa because our internship is in Alexandria, Virginia, so he decided he'd rather not have to commute every day from D.C.


This reasoning is understandable, but for me the commute is not bad. It's rather pleasant actually because the yellow line to Alexandria is always near-empty. Also, his rent a bit more than what it would cost to use TWC housing.


Not using TWC housing has the same great disadvantage as living in Elevation - not being around everyone else - except it's worse. You can imagine that you'd get pretty lonely being by yourself most of the time and being away from home.



Once you've been accepted to The Washington Center semester program, you'll be required to fill out a Community Profile that will help TWC match you up with roommates. It will ask you about your cleanliness, your sleep and studying schedule, and more. Be totally honest while filling this out!


Even if you are 100% honest, these matches will almost never be perfect, including my own. Our personalities fit quite well but I'm by far the cleanest person in the apartment. There will always be differences, but TWC requires that all the roommates fill out an agreement together. This agreement establishes when guests are allowed, what temperature the thermostat will be set at, when the dishwasher will be run, etc. This is helpful in establishing rules and boundaries at the start so no one has to initiate that potentially awkward conversation.


The Neighborhood

The area surrounding the RAF and other TWC buildings has a plethora of amenities. NoMa is apparently a very "up and coming" neighborhood in Washington, D.C. The area is not super upscale like Georgetown, but it's definitely safe to live and walk around in by yourself during the day.


My favorite part about NoMa is how close it is to Union Station and Capitol Hill. I've had to go to the Hill for my internship a few times now and it is well within walking distance. You could also walk to the monuments from here (though I just prefer to take the Metro), and the Metro station is only 2 blocks away!


Katie's Corner

This week, my food recommendation for you is a place that has multiple locations around D.C. It's quite popular although it only has one set menu for lunch and dinner. You pay a "prix fixe" of $20 for bread, a salad, and TWO servings of steak frites. This magical place is called Medium Rare.


I'm not sure that this picture does the meal justice, but it was downright delicious. The fries were perfectly seasoned, the meat was tender, and the gravy was flavorful. And don't get me started on the bread. Best. Bread. Ever.


*Forrest Gump voice* That's all I have to say about that. Thanks for reading my blog! I hope the information I gave on TWC housing was informative and helpful for those of you who are currently in the application process or just thinking about applying.


Until next week!


- K


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