What's Next?

What's Next?

My last week at TWC was full of reflecting, reflecting and reflecting some more. I'm writing my final blog post from my tiny hotel room in New York, finding myself looking ahead to what is next and feeling glad that I've been able to share so many awesome and wonderful experiences in a vibrant city with some of the most amazing people.



If you're an international student like me, it would be foolish to not travel to somewhere else in the US before returning to your home country. Some of my friends have gone to Puerto Rico, some to Las Vegas and Boston, but I decided to take on the Big Apple as my last hurrah before leaving the United States.


When I think about the cities I've lived in and visited, I realize that DC has pretty much been the perfect city to live in. Walking through the crowded, narrow streets of New York being attacked by the constant stench of urine made me realize this. The aspect I appreciated the most about DC is that there was always something going on, whether it was a street festival, live music or playing corn hole at a beer garden.


My final week in DC has been too hectic to list what I've done. Between finishing my portfolio, packing and craming in some last minute museum visits, it has been a blur (as has the semester). But I do have two important tips about museums in DC. First, most museums don't open till 10:30 am, so don't turn up at the doorstep of the American Art Museum at 9 am like me. Second, I take back branding the Air & Space Museum as the best in DC. The Holocaust Memorial Museum was one of the best museums I've ever been to, so I'm really glad I found time to go before I left. You are given an identification card as you enter and taken through the history step-by-step in an incredible sequence of exhibit spaces - very powerful stuff. I also managed to squeeze in a last minute gig at the Black Cat, which was small, intimate and awesome.


TWC has given me a purposeful direction which now suits my personal values. Prior to this experience, there were a lot of uncertainty and a lack of self confidence about what I want to do in the near future. Being able to work in an historic preservation area has helped me shape a desired career path dealing with architectural conservation. It has even made me realize what kind of city I want to live in. Running along the National Mall was a spectacular opportunity that I was able to continue weekly, and running to the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial NEVER stopped being amazing. Living in such an active city with so much to do really motivated me to make the most of my time here. I had a positive 'yes' attitude to every opportunity that came my way.


As much as I am looking forward to going home, the aspect I am going to miss the most are the people I've met. From being warmly welcomed by Ms. Linda (the concierge) every evening, to my internship site colleagues who provided a fun, but focused, environment to work in, to the people I'm going to miss the most - my flatmates. That's the aspect I'm going to miss the most.



Thank you for reading my blogs (I am directing this to you mum because I'm still sure you're the only one that's been reading them).

Peace out TWC, thank you for the unbelievable opportunity and the fantastic memories.

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