What Do You Mean It's Mid-Term?

What Do You Mean It's Mid-Term?

It was only when I received a Schoology update from my LEAD instructor that our Mid-term Reflections were due that I realized we are halfway through the TWC program. WHAT!? I haven't been to any museums yet (the weather has been too kind). I haven't been to Old Town Alexandria. I haven't kayaked down the Potomac River (probably too cold now). I haven't had the time, so how is it already mid-term?



Monday started at POV, a roofbar at The W Hotel overlooking The White House and western D.C.


The productivity and intensity of my work days varied drastically this week. I found myself with little to do on Monday and Tuesday, as we were on target to reach our deadlines, and I had completed all my pending tasks. New deadlines were introduced on Wednesday morning, and the two busiest (but most exciting!) days of work so far followed. I enjoy being under pressure, life is more fun that way.


It was 5:01pm on Wednesday, and our train left at 6:40pm. This gave me just enough time to get back to RAF during rush hour to get ready to go to Baltimore. The evening before, I had agreed to go to a Glass Animals gig at Rams Head Live with a couple of my Gibraltarian friends. Why? Read my previous blog posts.


Glass Animal Gibbos


We must have arrived to Union Station at about 6:38pm to catch our $7 train to Baltimore (not bad, right?). We didn't spend much time outside the ve,nue but from my limited impressions, Baltimore is definitely somewhere I want to explore further (along with the 1,432,958 other things I want to do). The venue was small and intimate, really similar to the 9:30 Club. I definitely recommend checking out Rams Head Live...it's surrounded by a bunch of cool restaurants and bars. Maybe avoid a last minute mid-week trip, but hey, where's the fun in that?


Glass Animals


The following day was a struggle to say the least. After an insane day working towards our 5:15pm deadline, I met with an architect, Stefan, from Inscape Studio. It served as my informational interview, but just like the resume review, it's not just an assignment. The more professional advice you can receive, the better it will be for your personal growth. The great thing about these assignments is that it gets you talking and meeting with professionals you normally wouldn't.


I was able to get in contact with Stefan through one of my Gibraltarian friends who was interning at that firm - another reason why networking wins. We met at Barcelona (not the city, I wish) which provided a chilled and informal atmosphere for me to talk about how he ended up in D.C. and get some incredibly invaluable advice on applying to future positions. We even ended up walking to his office afterwards, where he showed me some of the projects they were working on. Make the most of these experiences, as they will help guide and shape you into the professional you want to be.


My weekly run with Sam extended to The White House (first time this semester), which was flooded by barriers, selfies and security. To be totally honest, it did not live up to its omniscient image perceived in movies. Check the rest of my fellow blogger's posts, as the gardens were open to the public this weekend, and I'm sure they were not silly (and a little bit ill) like me and decided to take advantage of the opportunity.


Winter Is Coming

Fall means two things; brunching in the cold and Oktoberfest at the German Biergarten Haus.

Brunch Selfie


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