Llevame Donde Naci

Llevame Donde Naci

I think I'm getting the hang of this blogging malarkey.

This week has been strongly nostalgic. On Monday, the TWC Gibraltarians were invited to meet with the Director and Minister of Education from Gibraltar, who had flown to D.C. just to talk to us. We sat in a U-shape in front of him as we gave our individual accounts of the TWC experience so far. It's quite amazing to think how 25 of us young Gibraltarians from a microscopic peninsular across the Atlantic  decided to place ourselves outside of our comfort zones in order to expand our personal growth parameters, and it's clear that TWC is great place for it.



I missed work on Monday, which made the three-day week go by too quickly. By the time I knew it, it was Thursday afternoon, and I had met up with the Gibraltarians to enjoy happy hour at Dupont Circle. I can't quite work out what's bigger in DC: brunch or happy hour! It was weird leaving for work at 8am that morning and not arriving back till 12am, but it's definitely a great way to end the (three-day) working week.


Dale, the master chef


Friday was Global Citizen Day at TWC, and we had a Global Festival that evening where each of the countries represented at TWC opened a booth in RAF with food and information. The South Americans killed it! They were having massive fiestas, singing and dancing; so much, I'm sure the whole block heard them! The Asian countries had fantastic dishes and were wearing interesting attire.


Our Gibraltarian booth was red, white and proud! Dale, the master chef cooked a variety of traditional dishes from (my personal favourite) Torta Acelga to the quintessential Llanito dish, Calentita. We also served some scones to promote our British heritage. I stuffed my face silly that night - it's free delicious food, you have to make the most of it! The talent show followed an evening of feasting, and it did not disappoint! There were energetic and impressive singing and dancing performances from Belgium, India, Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, Pakistan, and my friend Danny representing the U.S. (you were awesome bud).


Red and white

The red and white army.


The Puerto Ricans

The Puerto Ricans killing it.


I tried a new brunch venue this week, The Matchbox. A definite thumbs up. Those waffles have challenged my love for the Busboys and Poets' sweet potato pancakes.


The waffle game is strong


A group of my fellow Gibraltarians and I decided to volunteer at the Taste of DC, an event where they close down part of Pennsylvania Ave for a multi-cultural culinary event. We were assigned to the beer tents, and I've always wanted to try working behind a bar, so it was a cool experience. There was a good atmosphere and live music which was complimented by a sunny fall D.C. day. As there were so many Gibraltarians at the beer tents, we were constantly asked about our accents and where we were from, which generating some interesting conversations. To top off a smashing day, we were awarded free pizza for our hard work - if you haven't noticed already, I have a thing for free food.


Behind a bar


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