Just Do It

Just Do It

My 'say yes to everything' attitude has provided me with a unique DC experience. I've been able to visit Texas,  I've travelled to Baltimore for a spontaneous mid-week gig, but most importantly, I've met some amazing people and shared some incredible experiences with them. Despite this open approach, there are still so many more things I want to do before I leave DC - it feels like I must say this a lot on my blog posts, I apologize. Between work, classes, assignments and enjoying the weather, time runs away from you. Therefore, I've made it my mission this week to just do it.


The most important thing I've learned from my internship is that the purpose of the TWC experience is not know exactly what you want to do and intern at your dream job in DC. If you do find it, then you're very lucky. I've realised that this experience has helped me shape my desired career path and answer fundamental questions like 'what kind of firm do I want to work for?'  Working for Christian Zapatka Architect has given me the opportunity to work within a small team who depend on each other to reach tight deadlines in an historic preservation area.



Here's a hand model we have been working on for one of new build projects, which was presented to the OGB (Old Georgetown Board) and helped it receive approval for submitting a permit planning application.



There really isn't any time to do anything touristy after work, as most of the museums have closed by the time I finish. So Friday, Saturday and Sunday were a busy three days. After my LEAD Colloquium and our usual visit to Indigo, Blair, Scott and I walked to the Botanic Gardens on a warm Autumn day.



We were encouraged to go see their model train exhibition, and it did not disappoint. Although, my favourite part was the National Mall modelled using natural materials, it's definitely a must see!



We moved on to the Hirshhorn Museum, an art gallery I've wanted to go to since I first saw it's unusual circular form. The collection was amazing and included artwork from Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud and Anselm Kiefer, some of my favourite artists. I was disappointed by the architectural quality of the spaces but that's just me being critical. We ended the day on a food high with a visit to Founding Farmers, yum.



Here's a the famous Dali Lobster Telephone, because who doesn't need one of these?



What do you do on a sunny Saturday afternoon in DC? Go see some trees at the National Arboretum. Fresh air is just a 40 minute walk from RAF and it made me very reminiscent of my West Virginia trip.



The columns which sit very proudly at the centre of the park were removed from the Capitol Building when they added an extension. Interesting, huh?


We decided to go check out ZooLights on a much colder evening, as my boss had recommended I check it out. A mandatory stop at Union Market was in order to help us prepare for the night-time chills by filling our bellies with warm food and coffee. To be totally honest, I wasn't that impressed with ZooLights, as most of the animal enclosures and paths had been closed to the public which left a single stream of human traffic walking from one side of the zoo to the other. It felt a bit like being on a cold rush hour experience on the Metro with pretty lights and the occasional smell of animal feces. I'm probably being overly pessimistic.


For the final Sunday brunch venue, we chose Bon Marche on the Eastern Market, I guess my relationship with Busboys and Poets was just a short love affair.



Scott and I decided to tick the Natural History Museum off our list that afternoon. The deep sea and evolution exhibitions were great - I even saw a Neanderthal skull found in Gibraltar!



On our way back home we stopped at the National Building Museum, and it is one of the most impressive interiors I've seen in DC!

I Think I Did It

My approach has drained me (and my wallet) these past 4 months, but I don't regret anything and would do it all again. I still have a few more things to tick off my list before I can accept leaving DC, as well as assignments, packing and planning to do. Unfortunately, the end is nigh.

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