Gibraltar 4 - 0 Mexico

Gibraltar 4 - 0 Mexico

So it's less than a month till I fly back home. Time to panic.

I know Winter is coming (no Game of Thrones pun intended) but it's already November and the weather has been too kind. I'm starting to believe that bad weather doesn't exist in D.C. This also means I feel guilty spending my free time indoors. So, after our LEAD and Professional Track on Friday, a group of Gibraltarians and Mexicans arranged to go play some football at a nearby football pitch just east of RAF at the JO Wilson Elementary School. The pitch is public when the school children aren't using it and it even has goal posts and floodlights! The problem was that it was a week day and was in use so we had to look for somewhere else to play, but we returned over the weekend. Fortunately, we managed to find a large baseball pitch not too far away and we played till it got too dark to kick the ball. Despite our 30,000 population compared to their 120,000,000 population, we thrashed Mexico. I know I may be blowing it out of proportion but I think it's still impressive - the 1st largest international contingent at TWC vs the 2nd largest. Here's a strange fact - roughly 0.001% of Gibraltar's population is interning in D.C. this semester.

Mexico vs Gib


A lot of this week was focused on getting a presentation on Uber ready for my evening Brand Management class with my group, which went very well by the way. Looking at aspects of a company such as marketing strategies and brand hierarchy is something I never thought I would have been doing. If I ever decide to start my own firm (that's the plan) the knowledge and insights I've gained from these classes will be invaluable. Go Team Uber!


Team Uber


It's been a while since I've seen any live music, so I treated myself to two gigs this week! The first was Robin Shulz at the Echostage. The venue has bars and balconies on the flanks and felt more like a night club than a music venue, but it is definitely somewhere you need to go if you are into DJ's and club music. Monday started in the right way with a trip to the 9:30 Club (the best music venue in D.C. I've been to so far) for an evening with the fantastic Shakey Graves. It was one of the best gigs I've been to! Musically it was amazing, but he also had a lot of charisma and was hilarious. We went for some alcoholic milkshakes after the show at the Satellite Room which is just behind venue - great for some post-gig chilling.


Shakey Graves


The international students were invited for a photoshoot by the Lincoln Memorial, I think it went well.


We don't pose normally


I forgot to say, we don't pose normally.



The picture below is a photograph I have been waiting to capture since I knew I was coming to D.C. Lego Architecture is the best.


Lego Lincoln Memorial


Pray for Paris

This week was the first time I haven't been for a run or brunched in D.C., quite disappointing, especially as I won't get the opportunity to do so soon - only a few weeks left! The Beer Garden by NoMa station has closed for the winter season, which means no more beer round the campfire and playing cornhole - it feels like things are drawing to a close and I don't like it. This is sad news but it is incomparable to the devastating events which happened in Paris this past weekend.

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