Convenience Over Luxury?

Convenience Over Luxury?

I've been living at the RAF for almost a full semester now. After using the awesome gym at Flats 130 and the rooftop pool at Elevation, I am reevaluating whether the convenience of living in the RAF and having LEAD programming and my evening course an elevator ride away was really worth missing out on the extravagance offered by the other two TWC housing options.


The two-story, fully-equipped gym and overall business-style interior design at Flats 130 makes it hard to see why I traded luxury for laziness. Flats 130 is sandwiched between the NoMa metro station and Harris Teeter and is only a 5-minute walk from RAF, so it is an ideal location. Why did I choose RAF then? Elevation and Flats 130 are not fully occupied by TWC students like RAF is, so I feel you lose that sense of community and 'student life.' Our rooms might not be as fancy, but I bet I have better neighbors. Plus, I wouldn't have met my totally awesome flatmates had I not chosen the RAF. I'm really going to miss them.


Scott went back home for Thanksgiving, so we decided to go to the Biergarten House on Thursday night for some authentic German food and a litre of beer. On our way back, I convinced to Scott to stop for a spontaneous night cap at the Cusbah, only because it had a turret on its facade and looked interesting. We ended up staying there until it closed and didn't have to pay a tab because we got on with the bartenders so well. Scott almost missed his early morning flight, but it was totally worth it.


Ronnie in his element


Friday's SMLS was particularly relevant, looking at America's role in deterring global terrorist networks, with much of the discussion focusing on the recent events in Paris. A group of us decided to head to Union Market after an intense morning of discussions. I can't believe I haven't been before. It has a glorious variety of different global dishes, including the Tacorean - Korean taco's, it's a thing. I could have spent all afternoon there just drinking tea from one of the stalls, but I decided to make a trip to the newly refurbished Renwick Gallery in an effort to rectify my lack of DC museum visits. It's free, has some excellent sculptures and installation exhibits and will only take you an hour. I highly recommend it, and it's not every day you can step outside an art gallery and end up at the White House.




I also visited the Newseum, which I have heard so much about. It has a $25 entry fee, which gives you access to the museum for 2 days, but I feel it was overpriced, especially because most museums in DC are free. Nonetheless, there is so much intriguing information, from the FBI and 9/11 to Civil Rights and a panoramic view of Penn Ave.


Penn Panoramic


I did not go for my weekly run as my foot is injured, but I resumed my brunch addiction with Ethan at the Eastern Market. We chose a French restaurant (rather fittingly) called Montmarte, and it is has been one of my favourite brunches so far. Eastern Market is a great place in general, but a unique store hidden discretely round the corner from the market stalls is Capitol Hill Books. It is full from floor to ceiling with books, with just about enough room for you to navigate through every category ever thought of. I'm sad to say that that morning was also the first cold day in DC I have experienced.




Into The Woods

It is my first Thanksgiving in America, so it has to be special. What better way to spend it than to stay in a cabin in East Virginia with a mix of Gibraltarians, Spaniards and Americans. Bring on the Turkey!

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