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Home Institution: Albright College

Internship Site: International Rescue Committee

Program: International Affairs

As the weather gets cooler, I decided it would be wise to take advantage of as many outdoor activities as possible. When I first moved down here, I knew I wanted to be involved in as many activities as possible, so I did a small web and social media search for events in D.C. BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE! I put my email on a few different mailing lists surrounding my interests- international affairs. I have been using Linktank and it is my favorite by far.

Feeling Festive?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This weekend was a great one to be in D.C. There were soooo many festivals, which are one of my favorite things to do! Lots of cultural, dancing, food, freebies! These festivals were no exception. Saturday was H st festival stretching from about 16th and H all the way to our end, about 4th and H. A few new friends and I walked the entire festival on a beautiful Saturday afternoon stopping at just about each both to see what they had to offer.

New Kids on the Block

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

As most of the "new kids on the block" I am very excited to be in D.C., to immerse myself in the culture, political environment, social justice talks, people from around the globe, the food (Of course!), and anything I wasn't expecting. This will be my first time spending a substantial amount of time in the district and I LOVE IT! I love the town, the university life, everything! Before I dive into life in D.C. and my experiences so far, I'll share a bit about myself.

Getting Down to Business

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time is flying and there's so much I'm learning! My goal for this semester was to become active outside the classroom and make connections. I signed up for every newsletter TWC suggested in our welcome guide and have been attending events at American University, Georgetown, and GW that concerned advocacy, and foreign relations. You know, when you go to these kinds of events, you meet people who introduce you to other events and that's how your network grows!

Familiar Things

Saturday, September 19, 2015

I received a care package today yayyy! It's not just a thing when you're at your home institution, it just as important when you're abroad or at TWC! It's always nice to get a piece of home when you're overwhelmed with school or internship work. A program that I was in (Summer Search) decided to send me a few things to help me with the semester. Included was great treats, school supplies (that were desperately needed!) and toiletries. Its good to have a reminder of back home, and a support system cheering you on in the final stretch!

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