Time to do everything we haven't done yet in D.C.

Time to do everything we haven't done yet in D.C.

So this time of year is bittersweet for most interns, especially myself, having to leave our awesome internships, beautiful D.C. and our new soon to be life long friends! However, we are excited to use our new information and new found passions to use in our home towns. I made it my goal to visit and do things that I should have done months ago this week, including in this picture below, lunch with my internship interns. As I've mentioned in previous blogs, I work at the International Rescue Committee, a nonprofit that assist refugees leave their country and move to places like America due to political instability, natural disasters among a list of other things.


This particular day called "D.C. Day" in my office was a day to visit our office in downtown D.C. (we are located in Silver Spring, MD) to learn about what they do. They are our headquarters and therefore do not provide direct service to clients, however they are our support team. It was an interesting day to visit the office because it was the day that congress voted against allowing Syrian refugees into the country without an more strenuous acceptance process. In fact, the very lobbyist that was lobbying for the bill was giving us an overview of her job as we received the unfortunate news. It turned out to be an emotional day. I even became emotional because not many people get to have the one on one relationships with the refugees like we do, and I couldn't help but think how this sad this day would be for refugees. Most people don't have the opportunity to meet these wonderful, grateful ambitious humans and see that they are in fact a gift to our country.




Capitol at Night

Our TWC housing is a perfect location to visit cool sites. We have the luxury of being able to walk to many "must see" spots in D.C. I was told to make sure I visited the Capitol building at night and boy am I glad I did! Obviously this photo does it no justice, but this site at night is a must! We also toured around a bit and we discovered amazing restaurants and historical sites. Here's a photo below:



Internship site supervisor mingle

Halfway through the semester, TWC students were allowed to nominate outstanding boss's for their influence in our lives. I wasted no time to nominate my boss to show my gratitude towards her. Here we are below enjoying our veggie snacks and networking session. Once she read the message I attached with her nomination, she was almost in tears. To sum it up Marta (my boss) continuously dedicates her time to invest in my growth. She goes out of her way to teach me life and professional skills to benefit me during and after my internship. She's connected me to Peace Corps volunteers because she knows I'm headed there soon, she's offered to assist me with my resume and cover letter, let me take time off to attend professional development and aside from all of that, she is such a pleasant person to work with. I always ask her how she is able to keep a sane face when we work in high stress environments and her response is always encouraging "Refugees have it rough, I know what they've gone through home and here, if I can be that one bit of hope for them, that one person that asks how their day is and help them get through their obstacles, then it is my pleasure." Something like that will always stick with me, and has inspired me to always keep going when I become overwhelmed.



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